June 29, 2022

Top 5 MBA Specialization for a Recession Proof Career

Top 5 MBA Specialization for a Recession Proof Career
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Every year when scores of career aspirant students queue up for MBA admission, they are often confronted with the dilemma of choosing the right MBA specialization for their career. Although most students choose MBA specialization depending on their work experience and interest in a particular domain, choosing a right specialization can still prove to be a daunting task. Simply because today there are not only too many MBA specialization to choose from, choosing right specialization that can protect you from future economic turmoil is equally a painstaking affair. To resolve this predicament, we’ve prepared a list of top 5 MBA specialization that are not only in great demand in the corporate world but can potentially provide you a recession proof career.

Here are the top 5 MBA specialization that can protect your career against economic downturn

MBA in Information Technology:

Information Technology (IT) is one of the few industries that can withstand the pressure of economic downturn for considerably longer time. This was amply proven after IT sector emerged stronger and more robust in the aftermath of 2008-09 recession. Therefore, MBA in IT can always prove to be a lucrative career, more so because it can pave way for endless growth opportunities even when the economy is under performing. However, this specialization obviously is only open for IT pros including software professionals.

IT pros who decide to opt for this specialization can potentially secure lucrative positions like System Analysts, Technical System Manager, Technical consultant so and so forth. Apart from huge salary packages, IT pros can leverage these designations to secure position to senior management levels like Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and Chief Information Officer (CIO).

Executive MBA

How about getting a promotion even when the economy is actually tanking down. Now this might sound little crazy but executive MBA can make this seemingly implausible thing almost possible. Although Executive MBA cannot be strictly labelled as a specialization course, its inclusion in this list is still validated largely owing to its massive popularity.

Executive MBA, known also as MBA WX, is actually designed for working professionals with at least 5 years of work experience and are desperately seeking for a promotion to senior management level. Though this course is touted as extremely beneficial for working professionals, Executive MBA also brings immense value for the companies and this explains the surge in its popularity.

Since Executive MBA is designed for working executives , it can only be availed as a distance or online course. Over the years, NMIMS distance MBA programs have emerged as sought after choices for availing executive MBA courses.

MBA in Human Resource:

Today literally no company can ever function without human resource manager, which makes this job ever-green and also a sought after profession. What also makes HR a recession-proof career is the fact that most companies need HR managers even when they are downscaling their business.

However, students planning to opt for MBA in HR need to ensure that they are well versed in certain skills including communication skills and must also own exuberant confidence.

HR managers who owns a MBA degree in HR stand a good chance of foraying into professions like Industry Relations Manager, which equally commands a good salary package.

MBA in Healthcare and Hospital Management

MBA in healthcare and hospital management makes for another remunerative career option, give that any industry related to health is always averse to economic downturn. This hypothesis is based on the commonsense that ‘health’ is one of the basic necessities of life. Not to mention that MBA in healthcare and hospital management also makes for a lucrative career option in the post-pandemic age.

This specialization teaches students to proficiently handle vast administration of hospitals. This is a daunting task given that today most hospitals operate as multi-specialty & super specialty hospitals and their administrative size is pretty large. The minimum eligibility criteria for taking admission in this specialization program is graduation.

MBA in Marketing

Given that we’re living in the age of unfettered age of branding, marketing is one of those fields that is least prone to adverse economic conditions. Marketing is ubiquitous in nature considering that almost every important industry needs a dynamic marketing team to promote their product and services – from FMGC, consumer durables, media to manufacturing industry.

All these indisputable facts make a strong case for pursuing specialization in MBA in Marketing. Post completion of this course, students can secure high-profile marketing jobs like Brand manager, Sales manager & project manager.