October 8, 2022


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What are the Steps Involved in Guest Posting? Know it Now

What are the Steps Involved in Guest Posting?
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Have heard about guest posting but don’t know what steps it involves? No worries, you will get the complete overview of the guest posting process here so read ahead and know about it. If you don’t get enough time to write blogs on your own and can’t take out time for guest posting, you can work with professional blogger outreach services to get the work done. 

Let’s have a look at the guest posting process now.

  • Find the Right Opportunities

The first step is to find the right guest posting opportunities relevant to your niche. If your niche is to provide IT services, you need to find the guest posting websites that have the audience base interested in IT products and services. The best way to find such opportunities is to google search them. You can search by phrases: “your niche + guest posting”. So, it will be IT services guest posting considering IT services is your business. You can replace the keyword guest posting with guest blogging, write for us, accept guest posts etc.

You will get numerous websites that accept guest posting. Now, you need to check each website in detail and figure out which are the most suitable websites to guest post on as per your requirements.  

You can work with proficient blogger outreach services to find the right opportunities for you as well. They have years of experience and many connections so they can find the right opportunity relevant to your business. 


  • Check out the Guest Posting Websites in Detail

After you have come across numerous guest posting websites, it’s time to check them in detail to finalize which are the best fits for you. For this, check the below criterias.


  • Check Domain Authority

Domain authority is a good factor which you must consider for sure to select the top-rated websites to guest post on. The more the domain authority, the better the website. A score of more than 25 is a must to select the website. Any score below 25 won’t do any good to your business so avoid selecting such a website. You can check the domain authority of any website using the free tools available in the market. 


  • Check Audience Engagement

Read the existing posts on the website and see if there are enough comments on the posts from the readers. If there are a good number of comments, it means the audience is actively involved in reading the posts and provides feedback on what they like about the post and what things were missing and could have been better.


  • Check the Guidelines

Thoroughly go through the guidelines mentioned on the website for guest posting. See if it matches your expectation or not. If you have any query at any point, ask the website owner via chat or email and get it cleared. See the minimum word count required for guest posting, check if the website has any specific terms and conditions to which you need to adhere to. Finalize 9-10 good websites which seem a fit to you. 


  • Send a Pitch

Now, it is time to send a pitch to the websites you have finalized for guest posting. Pitch will include details about you, your business, why you want to guest post on their website and how will you add a value to it, what topics have you thought of to write guest posts on, attach sample articles (it is a must to attach samples of your writing so the website owner or his/her team can check your work). Keep your pitch to the point and differentiate it from the normal pitches so the website owners can have an eye on it. 


  • Start Writing Guest Posts

After you are selected by any website for guest posting, it’s time to start preparing for your first guest post. Think about the topic if you haven’t done it earlier and frame the outlines of the post. Research well about the topic and make sure the post is reader-centric. Publish at least one post a week and be consistent in it. 


  • Interact With Your Audience

Your job won’t end after you publish the guest post. You need to keep interacting with your audience and know their feedback about your posts. Respond to the comments of your readers, thank the ones who praised your articles and respond politely to the critics and learn from the suggestions given. 

So, here was an overview of the guest posting services and steps. Hope you got a complete idea of it and will start doing guest posting asap to leverage its benefits for your business. As said earlier, if you find it hard to carry on this activity as you lack time or skills to do it, no need to stop there, you can work with any professional blogger outreach services to get the work done for you.