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What Health Conditions Can MRIs Diagnose?

If you are thinking of getting an MRI scan, you first need to know some of the health conditions that this type of scan can diagnose so that you can find out whether it will be worthwhile for you to invest in or not. Therefore, here are some of the top health conditions that MRIs can diagnose.


When you believe that you may have had a stroke, getting an MRI scan is one of the best ways to find out whether this is the case since an MRI scan can give quick and accurate results of your brain tissue and can spot any blockages in your brain. They can also help doctors to work out the cause of your stroke. You will usually get an MRI within an hour of having a stroke, and you will require treatment for your stroke quickly. Other tests such as blood pressure and cholesterol checks will also be performed to make sure that no stone is left untouched when it comes to finding out the reason for your stroke.



MRI scans allow doctors to see the soft tissue in any part of your body. Then, MRI scans are one of the top ways that doctors diagnose cancer. From this scan, they will be able to spot any tumors in your body, get a sense of the size and shape of them, and will be able to decide whether they are benign or malignant. You may also have multiple MRI scans throughout your treatment so that your medical team can find out whether your cancer has spread to any other areas of your body and the stage that your cancer is at.

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If you have problems with walking and movement, your vision, and fatigue, you could have MS, and it is important that you get a diagnosis as soon as possible so that you can plan for the future. Multiple Sclerosis occurs when your immune system attacks the myelin in your body, which covers the nerve fibers. Once this myelin has been destroyed, your nerves will become damaged and unable to function as normal. Your symptoms usually deteriorate over time, and there is no cure for the condition. However, it is still important to receive a diagnosis so that you can make sure that you can slow down your deterioration and manage your symptoms well. Then, if you believe that you might have MS, you should consider getting an MRI scan through companies like Express MRI, whose MRIs allow you to get the diagnosis that you need and look to the future.



MRIs can also help to diagnose aneurysms if they have not yet ruptured, and aneurysms are often found when MRIs are being used to diagnose another condition, such as a brain infection. However, those who have a family history of aneurysms may be encouraged to get routine MRIs so that any problems can be found early and the risk of their aneurysm becoming fatal can be reduced.