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Which You Should Prefer: Gold or Platinum Jewelry?

Which You Should Prefer: Gold or Platinum Jewelry?

It’s pretty common to be torn between white gold vs platinum when choosing your wedding band. These two metals are valuable and almost similar when you’re not looking at them too closely. But before you decide between the two, you may want to consider a few factors to find which is more favorable to you. Luckily, we’ve done an excellent heavy-lifting for you. All you need now is to read this article till the end, and when you finish, you’ll be able to make the right decision.

How Do These Two Compare?

Some of the vital comparisons between white gold vs. platinum are appearance, durability, cost, and comfort. Digging deeper into these elements will open your eyes and give you a clear insight into what they are and what you need.



Both gold and platinum are pretty robust, precious, and durable metals. But since we’re making a comparison, platinum is the most durable due to its extreme density. Other factors that contribute to this include chemical structure and its pureness. Platinum is 95 percent pure; gold in 14k has 58.5 gold purity, while 18k has 75 percent pure gold.

A higher percentage of platinum is used during the ring creation, giving a ring more durability with this pure metal. And that also means the prongs that will hold the center stone of the ring band will be less likely to break than those made of gold. Whether you’re buying an engagement or wedding ring, durability between white gold vs. platinum is one of the things to consider seriously.

And to sum this up, the density of platinum implies that a ring made of this metal is likely to last longer as it won’t wear out quickly like gold. If someone accidentally strikes a platinum ring, it won’t get the scratches. That’s why it’s a preference for brides or bridegrooms working in an environment demanding manual or handy labor.


Which Gives More Comfort?

Since the metal platinum is denser than gold, platinum rings will feel heavier than gold rings. It has to do more with your swag and what defines your comfort. You see, for most men, wearing a heavy metal ring gives them some sense of comfort, security, and pride. In contrast, most women would prefer wearing a lighter ring on the finger. That’s why you’ll find white gold being an ideal engagement or wedding ring choice for the brides and brides-to-be because it’s not as heavy as platinum, and it’s pretty affordable.



Between white gold vs. platinum, which of them should you choose if you’re allergic to some metals? You may want to keep away from gold. Although it’s not all gold ring metals that may have some allergenic effect, plenty of them may cause an allergic reaction because of the nickel alloy used in them. As gold does not consist of pure gold, it requires other metals to make it stronger, and one of them is nickel. But for platinum, with a purity of 95 percent, it does not need nickel addition. If you’re allergy-prone, you would be safer going for platinum rings.



When you’re shopping for a ring, it’s easier to forget that its beauty will one day wear out. It’s all glitz and glam when looking at their display. But it’s good to ask what to expect after years of wearing it.

For example, when white gold starts to lose its color, it turns yellowish, which is not appealing. And to restore its beauty, this ring requires a rhodium re-coating, and it will go back to its original look. It might not be very costly, but doing so in a year will accumulate significantly.

On the other hand, if a platinum ring tarnishes, most people love to have the Platina it leaves on the ring. But for the few who love the high shine, your jeweler can polish and restore your ring appearance to its original look.



When you compare the price of white gold vs. platinum, it’s the metal with a high purity that will be pricey. Both gold and platinum’s price might be similar per gram, but as platinum is denser, much is required when making the ring. That is what attracts a high premium for an engagement or wedding ring made of this metal.

In conclusion, with all the great insight shared above, it’s easier to make the right choice between white gold vs. platinum. Right? In a nutshell, if your budget allows you to splurge, platinum is a high-end and luxurious metal to go for. But if you’re on a budget, white gold is an excellent alternative that most people use for their engagement or wedding ring. Gold and platinum are both precious and valuable metals that make a great addition to your jewelry collection. You can buy here