Thu. Oct 1st, 2020

10 Reasons You Need Impact Doors and Windows If You Live in a Hurricane Zone

10 Reasons You Need Impact Doors and Windows If You Live in a Hurricane Zone

The beautiful yet populous county of Broward experiences hurricanes every year. These devastating storms come raging every year, causing a lot of destruction and loss to life and property. Since it’s a natural disaster that occurs every year, people know that they have to make preparations. The best way to do that in the state is by installing high-quality impact doors and windows.

If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to bring home the best of Broward impact doors and windows. These highly rigid doors and windows are thicker, stronger and can keep you safe inside even when the hurricanes are wreaking havoc on the outside.

Here are the 10 reasons why choosing Broward impact doors and windows is the right thing to do:

  1. Protection from Harsh Hurricanes –

    The primary purpose of hurricane impact doors and windows is to keep the storms and hurricane winds out of your house. The multi-layered glass with vinyl layers as well composite wood prevents winds of over 150 miles an hour from breaking in.

  2. Protection from Flying Debris –

    When a hurricane begins, it also carries loose debris along from wherever it can. It is this debris that does major damage, and can even injure you with regular doors and windows. But with impact versions of them, you can rest easily indoors.

  3. Protection from Burglars –

    It’s not just the winds and debris that cannot enter your home without permission. Even burglars with all their equipment will find it difficult to break in. Impact doors and windows can withstand hits of large hammers too, making them the perfect security feature for your home.

  4. Need One-time Installation Only –

    Since impact doors and windows are so sturdy, they are almost impossible to break. This means they will withstand hurricanes, raging storms, flying debris, and more for several years. Regular doors and windows aren’t that strong, so they may break down and need replacements often, hitting your pockets hard.

  5. Work Like Regular Doors and Windows –

    Impact doors and windows are like regular doors and windows. However, they may need stronger frames to hold them, since regular frames will crumble with their weight. That may look to you as an additional cost. But with their many benefits and properties, impact doors and windows will be a better deal instead.

  6. Look Exquisite from a Distance –

    Impact doors and windows are elegantly designed to look exceptional even when you look at them from a distance. This means that by installing them, you will only be elevating the beauty and value of your house.

  7. Protection from Harmful UV Rays –

    The glass used in impact doors and windows has anti-UV properties. This way these doors and windows protect your eyes and also your furniture from taking any damage from harmful UV rays.

  8. Noise-Reduction –

    If the outside noise often bothers, impact doors and windows are just what you need. These can cut down the noise beyond them significantly. So, while you will still be able to hear very loud noises, they will be highly toned down.

  9. Lower Energy Bills –

    The frames and panes of impact doors and windows are highly insulated. Because of this, your room temperature stays constant for longer periods. This reduces the load on the air conditioning/heating unit, saving you a lot of energy units and money all along.

  10. Insurance Premium Discounts –

    Impact doors and windows fortify your home, making it unbreachable and unbreakable despite harsh hurricanes or burglary efforts trying their best. This reduces the risk of your property, in addition to the reduced premium value you have to pay annually for home insurance.

Do you know of any other benefits of installing impact doors and windows in your home in Broward? Then let us know about it in the comments section below. Contact your nearest impact doors and windows today to install the best hurricane protection in your home.