June 27, 2022

5 Most Efficient ways to Mow your Lawn

5 Most Efficient ways to Mow your Lawn
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Being a Lawn Owner, one should must know how to mow a lawn to get your dream backyard. Proper mowing of your lawn will provide you a beautifully finished, attractive and healthy garden. Cutting grass of your lawn makes it healthy lush green. An improper mowed lawn makes it drought and looks bad.

Follow these easy lawn mowing tips to get your lawn done without spending a lot of time and money.

Choose an Ideal Lawn Mower:

Manual Lawn Mower – These kind of mowers are best pick for small and smooth lawns. These mowers has blades and small wheels under them and operated on your strength. Environment friendly but hard to use.

Electric mower – Electrical mowers are usually available with our without a long cord, These kind of mowers don’t make much noise and are best to use for small lawns. They have a long cord plugged into an electrical socket hence cordless lawn mowers are battery operated.

Gas Operated Mowers – These Gas Mowers are ideal for medium sized lawns. They have a cylinder behind them. These kind of mowers are more powerful than manual and electric lawn mowers.

Ride on Mowers – These riding mowers are best to use for large scale lawns. These are very more like a mini tractor and are very easy to operate. They are famous to use for doing your job faster.

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Duration and Length of Mowing

Time duration is very important factor to consider when it comes to have a fully maintained lawn. A perfect lawn based on how often you cut your lawn grass. It depends upon your lawn growth.

Cutting one third of the grass is a general rule in mowing. Adjust your blades on 1/3 of the grass length of your lawn. Removing too much grass length is not recommended by experts as it cause stress to your grass and it grows insects and weeds.

Dry grass is best to mow, always mow when its dry. Wet grass may stuck in machine’s blade and it’s hard to cut wet grass.

Cut the grass in square pattern for large and medium size lawns. Starting from the edges would be the best idea.

At each turn, line up the cutter with the goal that the following mowing stripe somewhat covers the last

Problems while Mowing:

  • On soft surface, Mowing Machine’s wheels sinks in the ground.
  • Lawn scalping may occur while turning the Hyundai Lawn Mowing machine.
  • An uneven lawn surface may cause difficulties.

A lopsided completion, with torn grass is typically brought about by dull edges. Be that as it may, it can likewise happen if the base and chamber cutting edges of a chamber trimmer are erroneously set. Counsel your proprietor’s manual for subtleties of setting the edges effectively. Worn out cuts can likewise happen when the grass has been left to get extremely long, when the cutter is worked excessively quick, or when the slicing stature is set to greatest. If you wish to find out more about instant turf suppliers in Melbourne be sure to check out Lilydale Instant lawn