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Top 10 Wedding Gift Ideas For The Groom

10 Wedding Gift Ideas For The Groom

Wedding seasons bring with itself the responsibility of gift-giving custom. Whether it is the custom made bridal lehenga for brides or well-stitched sherwani and silk-smooth suit of the groom, every bit of the wedding procession needs extra care and effort by the loved ones. Another very significant aspect of a wedding is giving gifts to the newlyweds.

All of us wish to give the best of gifts to the pair and surprise them with our thoughtful gesture. Sometimes, if you are not well-acquainted with the bride and groom, gift-giving can get a little tricky. We are unaware of their choices yet we wish to give them something which is useful and remembered. In such a case, refer to the tips we have provided you with on gift-giving and see if these tips are of some good use to you.


1. Clothes

The most common yet exquisite form of a gift can be clothing. When we say clothes, we mean a variety of clothing that we can gift to the groom or the bride. This can include a tie or belt or suit or a suit piece or a beautiful sherwani, socks, shirt,  pair of pants, even a t-shirt. Everyone loves a set of beautiful clothes to adorn their wardrobe.

A newlywed man will vouch for good clothes for various events following the marriage. Clothes are something that brightens anyone’s day and brings a smile on their face. If you are a smart gift giver, you should totally go ahead with the idea of clothes keeping in mind how your groom chooses to style himself. It will be a very thoughtful gesture on your part.


2. Bouquet

A beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers is by far the most appropriate gift for any happy occasion. No one can possibly dislike sweet-smelling flowers on the eve of their wedding. In fact, any wedding ceremony for that day is commemorated within the soulful smell of flowers.

Lilies, daisies, daffodils, roses, sunflowers, orchids, you choose! A combination of a few selected flowers would make a nice bouquet. To give your bouquet a quirky touch, you can also add chocolates to your bouquet and little decorations to make it look more glamorous. A beautiful bouquet is something you should definitely carry to a wedding ceremony. The smell of flowers is what gets the wedding mood going!


3. Showpiece

If you are close to the groom or even the bride, you should be knowing their love for antiques or extraordinary showpieces, if any. A showpiece is one of the most common gifts you can give anyone, but you can certainly perk up the groom by giving him something very specific to his interest. It can also be a personalised gift to the pair, something which connotes their blissful union, something which talks about them. It is not necessary that a showpiece has to be basic, you can get creative with yours by giving it the shape of your imagination.


4. Shoes

Getting a sparking pair of new shoes is something anyone would hardly dislike. Gifting clothes, shoes, jewellery, toiletries etc. to a newly married couple always brings delight to their faces. You can choose to buy formal shoes or even casuals as per your choice. However, the better you know the groom’s choice, the easier it is to buy them gifts. This way the gift will be loved by the groom and used properly instead of forwarding it to someone else like a burden.


5. Watch

This is the kind of gift almost every man and woman loves. A classy watch with a gorgeous leather strap and a shiny metal dial will light-up any man’s eyes. Or you can even go for a chain watch depending upon the choice of the groom. For a stylish watch, all you need is a known and trustworthy brand, a good budget and explicable choice in watches. The sight of that shiny metal is surely going to uplift the mood of the groom and you will be relieved from the burden of having to choose the most suitable gift.


6. Electronic gadgets

If you have an expandable budget, we will suggest you aim higher and go for a nice nerdy electronic device. If your groom is a bookworm, you can go ahead and give him a kindle filled with books of his choice. If your groom has a fascination for mobile phones, you can surprise him with the latest phone of a brand of his choice.

If your budgets allow, you can even give him a not-so-expensive laptop on his special day. Best of all, if your groom is a gamer, mama mia you are blessed with a ton of options to surprise him! It can be a joystick, remote controller, gaming special laptops and the entire equipment required for a gaming system to function smoothly. The groom will be surprised beyond words!


7. Toiletries

Another extremely useful gift to give anyone, let alone a groom, is toiletries. A fresh supply of toiletries brings joy to everyone who likes hygiene and takes it seriously. If your groom has a thing for toiletries and likes to maintain a squeaky clean aura, you should totally get him a nice basket of carefully selected and packed toiletries. You can easily find attractive hampers online or even get it done as per your choice. Make sure all his favourite products are packed in that basket of happiness!


8. Travel Tickets

If affordable, travel tickets are one of the most exciting gifts to cheer up the newlywed couple after getting over with the ceremony of marriage. The couple usually longs for a beautiful holiday, commonly known as “honeymoon”, nothing will bring them more joy than two tickets to a place where they are left alone in the bliss of their blooming love and no relatives or family members to disturb the union. It will also give them a break from their hectic schedule, away from work, so that they can spend a few days in peace. They will remember this gift lifelong and be forever grateful towards you for such a considerate gift.


9. Wallet

Wallets are supposed to be men’s favourite. You can go as far as to say that watches and wallets are kind of a weakness to men. A beautiful leather wallet will definitely bring a smile on the groom’s face. It will certainly be considered very thoughtful of you to give him such a useful gift. These gifts are remembered and celebrated. It will remind him of you whenever you use it or till it lasts. Gifting a wallet can be a basic idea of gift-giving, but it sure does come to great use, so why not?


10. Perfume

Perfumes are special gifts meant only for special people aka the groom, here. If your groom has a fondness for smell and is always decked up in good smell, without thinking twice buy an enchanting perfume or a deodorant for him from his favourite brand. If affordable, buy perfume for women from the best brand available there is and refrain from buying it online. Online you will not get an idea of the smell plus the bottle can break if not handled carefully. It is always advised to buy such delicate items from a shop.