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Top 10 Best Inverter Battery In India With Price 2024

Top 10 Best Inverter Battery In India With Price

The importance of electricity is known to everyone in today’s world. Our life is pointless without electricity. Most of us has faced power cuts in summers and undoubtedly we will face them more in upcoming years. Therefore inverter is must in our houses , offices, shops etc. But it is also important to know which one is the best inverter battery for your inverters so that it can perform and provide amenity  to you and your family if in house , or to your customers if in shops.

I have also faced the power cuts when my family was in my home and while I was in my shop this summer and was very sad that my inverter battery has stopped working at the middle of the noon. That was the time when I realized how important inverter batteries are.

So I have  researched about Top 10 best inverter battery for home in India with prices for you all so that you don’t face any inconvenience at any point of time. After reading this post, I’m convinced you’ll be able to choose the best battery for an inverter and enjoy constant electricity at your home and place of work. Below I have mentioned inverter battery with price.

1. Exide 150ah Battery Price

Exide guarantees excellent cost-effective power backup. It can withstand extreme heat. The unique Hybrid Alloy System That Reduces Water Loss has a spill-proof and low-maintenance body. As the name says the Exide battery has a capacity of 150 AH, with the warrunty of 36 month. It weighs around 40kg. The maintenance is super easy with spill proof body and good after sales service have been reported by their customers. The exide 150ah battery price or exide inverter battery price starts from ₹ 18,990 and is available in e-commerce websites.


2. Luminous 150ah Battery Price

We all know the name of the company Luminous which provide super charged performance. Coming to the design part , it has a Tubular Plate Design which is suitable for areas having frequent power cuts. The maintenance cost is also minimal. Warranty of 36 months with overcharge tolerance. It is having a capacity of 150 ah , with factory charge battery with ready to use condition. The luminous 150ah battery price is ₹ 13,800.


3. Livguard Battery 150ah Price

An excellent guarantee is included with the Livguard VAVE VFP 1536. Overall, the warranty period is 36 months. A total of 36 months will be allotted, of which 18 will be prorated. The battery in this item has a tall, tubular design. To find out how much the Livguard Battery 150Ah costs, just explore our website. For the products on our website, we provide the most competitive pricing. The product has a 160 Ah capacity and should operate for 750–850 cycles. It is a flat plate battery as well. The product’s extra-thick plate construction is what gives it its durability. Additionally, it includes an alloy with a unique composition that simplifies maintenance. The livguard battery 150ah price is ₹ 12,711.


4. Utl Battery Price

UTL Solar is committed to providing its customers with the best solar services available. Due to our reputation for producing high-quality solar products, we are pleased to provide you with the best solar power storage solution at an affordable price.

Here is the utl battery price list-
–  40 AH Solar Battery comes in ₹ 11,025
– 150 AH Solar Battery ₹ 18,610
– 200 AH Solar Battery ₹ 22,106


5. Microtek Inverter

One of India’s top producers of solar products, Microtek has quickly established a commanding position in the solar sector. It was established in 1989 and is now regarded as India’s most well-known and consistently recognised solar brand.

The microtek inverter price list concludes-
– 1kW Inverter comes in ₹ 21,899
– 2.2 kW Inverter comes in ₹ 31,199
– 3.3kW Inverter comes in ₹ 35,399
– 4kW Inverter comes in ₹ 47,419
– 5.5kW Inverter comes in ₹ 84,199
– 8.8kW Inverter comes in ₹  99,989


6. Tubular Battery Price

Tubular batteries are also in demands right now. Most of the  companies in the market manufactures tubular batteries. Here are the prices of those batteries by different companies are-

– Luminous Tubular Battery 120ah costs ₹ 10,700 , 150ah costs ₹ 19,500, 200ah costs ₹ 27,100 and 220 ah costst ₹ 34,100.
– Exide Tubular Battery 150 ah costs ₹ 18,990


7. OKAYA Battery Price

The Okaya 5024TT 150 AH uses PE envelope separator and 100% HADI tubular technology. Long-lasting and fully charged at the manufacturer, the battery backup. It employs a quick recharge composition and requires very little maintenance. The price of OKAYA Battery costs ₹ 13,700.


8. AMARON Inverter Battery Price

Simple to maintain Grids used in the Amaron AAM-TT-CR00150TT Plastic Tall Tubular 150Ah are made of a calcium/ultra modified hybrid alloy that is very heat resistant. It works with any brand of inverter on the market. The price of AMARON 150ah Battery price is ₹ 13,900.


9. V-Guard Battery Price

V- Guard inverter battery is one of the names that most recently emerged on the list. The brand immediately became the top choice for many consumers due to the many features and benefits it offers. It only needs minor maintenance , exceptional battery backup time and ability to perform under stress. The price of V-Guard Battery of 150 ah is ₹ 15,999.


10. Luminous Red Charge (200 ah)

The tall tubular battery in the inverter is made specifically to support heavy loads. To boost durability, the inverter battery’s structure was made to be sturdy. On the battery, there are six water level indicators. The battery’s absolute minimum voltage requirement is 12V. In the event of a power overload, an auto-reset button has been added to lessen the excessive burden. The filled battery weighs about 59 kg, compared to the dry battery’s approximate weight of 34.3 kg. The price of this battery costs- ₹ 15,481

These were some of the best batteries which I have found searching over the market. Hope that you have liked my article on Top 10 best inverter battery in India with prices. Do comment your thoughts on this.