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11 Best Synastry Aspects for Casual Friendship

Synastry is a part of astrology that helps understanding the relationship between two people based on the comparison between their birth charts. Synastry aspects are the geometric relationships between two planets or points in two people’s birth charts and can provide a wealth of information about the relationship dynamics and degree of compatibility in a relationship.

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Here are the best synastry aspects for casual friendships:

  • Sun conjunct Moon: when this magical aspect links two souls, an enchanting harmony resonates between their innermost beings. Like long-lost friends, their essential natures understand one another on the deepest level. Together they build a sanctuary of belonging that makes each feel profoundly seen, heard and supported. Their destinies are intertwined by fate itself into a once-in-a-lifetime friendship that will nourish their spirits for years to come.
  • Sun sextile Moon: When these two come together, it’s as though their souls instantly recognize one another, like long-separated friends destined for reunion. Their relationship unfolds with carefree grace, each conversing with intuitive ease and revelling in the joy of being understood so profoundly. With such natural chemistry guiding their friendship, their bonds only continue to deepen and delight over time, carrying their spirits to new heights side-by-side.
  • Mars conjunct Jupiter: These two radiate an electrifying energy that amplifies the passion and makes the life force burn bright. Together they are a dynamo of enthusiasm, injecting colour and verve into each other’s worlds. Sparks of inspiration flash as they dream big and spur each other on to reach new heights. Competition gets friendly and playful – they revel in challenging one another to expand horizons and actualize desires.
  • Mars sextile Jupiter: These two connect with such natural ease as though they’ve known each other for lifetimes. Conversation flows effortlessly and laughter comes frequently when they’re together. The good vibes between them are infectious – being in their presence can brighten anyone’s mood. They perfectly balance Mars’ assertive candour with Jupiter’s optimistic tact. Goals feel eminently possible when this dynamic duo joins forces.
  • Mars trine Jupiter: These cosmic allies blend their dynamic energies seamlessly, moving together as one unstoppable force. Without friction, only forward motion – they complement each other beautifully. Mutual admiration abounds as they acknowledge their respective gifts and champion each other’s success. Confidence surges in their presence; being together makes them feel invincible.
  • Ascendant conjunct Ascendant: Your perspectives align as if gazing out at life from the same vantage point. Together you navigate the world in intuitive sync, sharing visceral reactions to all you encounter. What delights one, delights the other – and vice versa. Your journey feels less like parallel paths and more like walking the same well-worn road, arm in arm toward a shared horizon.
  • Ascendant sextile Ascendant: You can easily understand and relate to one another and your connection does not feel forced in any way. Your relationship seems to flow on its own without either of you exerting too much effort.
  • Moon conjunct Venus: This aspect shows a harmony and understanding between the core identities and emotional needs of the two people. They can create a sense of belonging and mutual supportThis aspect can also create a very close friendship that is closer than family or romance.
  • Moon opposite Venus: Opposition between the Moon and Venus signifies a harmonious equilibrium and willingness to find common ground between individuals. They have the capacity to genuinely admire each other’s unique attributes and principles, even when they diverge from their own. This aspect can foster a deep-seated attraction and fondness within their friendship, provided they avoid taking each other for granted or developing excessive dependence.
  • Mercury trine Mercury: this aspect represents a harmonious and intuitive connection akin to the conjunction, yet characterized by greater fluidity and equilibrium. These two individuals can engage in cooperation and collaboration smoothly, experiencing minimal friction or discord. This aspect also signifies a shared appreciation and esteem between partners, as they acknowledge each other’s strengths and talents.
  • Mercury opposite Mercury: when Mercury opposes Mercury, it reflects a state of equilibrium and negotiation between two individuals. They possess the ability to recognize and value each other’s unique qualities and principles, even when they diverge from their own. This aspect has the potential to cultivate a potent sense of attraction and affection within their friendship, provided they avoid taking one another for granted or developing excessive dependence.