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12 Helpful Tips To Keep Your Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Healthy

12 Helpful Tips To Keep Your Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Healthy

Looking at the current industry trends, robotic vacuum cleaners from established brands made it easy for the Indian audience to access their cleaning robot! Besides, numerous products help buyers with everyday chores inside the house. But, how often do we think of maintaining our cleaning robots? Yes, that’s a question not many of us ask ourselves before opting for a cleaning robot for our homes. Are you one of those owners who want to keep your mop and clean robot healthy? Let’s have a look! Here are some tips that can help you with it.

Top 12 Tips to Keep your Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Healthy

Prepare the House- The floor cleaning robot works automatically, but they might get stuck with the items in your house. So, make sure the path is clear because this way, the cleaning robot will have access to the bare floor for cleaning.

Empty the Bin: One of the most critical components of a robot vacuum cleaner is the bin. Make sure you empty to maintain the working order as this way, you’ll save your vacuum cleaner from accumulating any dust and gravels that might slip inside.

Clean the Sensors: Sensors help the cleaners to navigate the room and create a map. So, keep them dust-free to make sure they are effective. Or, in case you find problems around them, you can visit their dedicated customer support.

Keep the Filters in Good Shape: The mop robot vacuum contains filters. They help in keeping dirt and other particles inside the bin. If the filter doesn’t work correctly, the vacuum has to work harder to suction debris. So, make sure that the filters are clean by shaking off the dirt and using compressed air to blow off the dirt.

Untangle the Brush Roll: Smart robot for cleaning and mopping has a brush roll. Check this once a day to ensure there aren’t any pieces of hair or string around the bar. If there is, clean it, or else it won’t be able to lift the debris.

Unclog the Wheels: Usually, hair tends to wind around the brush roll. This might lead to the suction inlet getting clogged. Pet hair, human hair, and string can keep your device from moving properly as it might wind up in the wheels. So, check for hair around the wheel. If you notice any, free it up.

Dust the Side Brushes: Side brushes can capture dust from the corners. But you might have to replace them often as they don’t design the brushes to last longer. It is better to change them every three months.

Update Software: Smart devices come with special algorithms that ensure the device runs smoothly. At times, these algorithms have to be updated. This, in turn, will ensure that the robot works better. If there is a mobile app for the robot floor cleaning machine in India, update that, too.

Charge the Battery: The run time of the vacuum cleaner depends on the battery capacity. Every electronic device with a built-in battery has to be kept in use to protect its battery life. Other factors are cleaning mode and suction power.

Replace the Battery: With time, the batteries might lose their performance. So, could you take steps to protect its battery life? If it has a shorter run time than before, get a new battery.

Store the Robot: You might have to store the robot at times. But before you do that, make sure you recharge the battery and detach it from the unit. Ensure that you don’t store it in a cool and dry room.

Read the Manual: Make sure you read the manual before using the robotic vacuum cleaner. Every robot cleaner for home, whether dry or wet, is unique. So, read the maintenance guide for the model.