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What is AngularJS and Uses of Angular

If you’ve ever worked with Angular, you must be aware that as a front-end tool it is equipped with robust components that help developers to write readable and easy-to-use code. Angular application is developed using TypeScript and it also provides developers a set of useful tools that are required to create the client-side of mobile applications based on your project requirements. Apart from this, have you ever wondered why Angular is popular? It is popular in developing modern applications and ranked as one of the best platforms according to Stack Overflow, which is the main reason behind the popularity of Angular.

It is an open-source JavaScript framework for front-end development developed by Google to create dynamic and modern apps. It is gaining immense popularity over the past few years to avoid unwanted code and provide lighter and faster apps.

With Angular, you can create dynamic and interactive single-page applications having out-of-the-box features and include modularization, API handling, two-way data binding, and much more. The designers who are using HTML language can easily extend the syntax and convey the components of the project. Using this JavaScript framework, you’re not required to depend on third-party libraries for creating dynamic applications and you can gain various Benefits of Angular.

Despite all the strengths of Angular, it is also important to understand what are the uses of Angular for the development of your project. So without any further ado, let’s have a sneak-peek into Angular and then directly jump to its uses.


What Exactly is Angular?

AngularJS is an excellent web application framework. It is an open-source platform used to build interactive web applications depending on project requirements. In 2009, Adam Abrons and Misko Hevery discovered AngularJS which is now managed by the Google community. It is an ideal choice for building amazing single-page applications with top-of-the-line functionalities and features required for business applications.

It follows a structural framework for dynamic web applications based on HTML and JavaScript, so you’re not required to learn another language and syntax. Angular allows you to extend HTML syntax to express your application components clearly and concisely. Its data binding and dependency injection allow you to eradicate unnecessary code and make it an ideal solution for your project with any server technology.

Basically, Angular is a client-side JavaScript MVC web development framework that has the ability of HTML that allows you to create custom attributes using simple JavaScript. It implements the core functionality for Angular application development and provides a set of excellent TypeScript libraries that you might require to import into your web applications. The Angular application architecture depends on specific fundamental concepts.


Here are some General Features of AngularJS:

  • AngularJS is a robust and excellent JavaScript framework. Using the capabilities of Angular, developers can create modern and Rich Internet Applications.
  • AngularJS allows developers to write clean and readable client-side applications code that uses JavaScript and follows the MVC pattern.
  • If you’re building an app using the Angular development services, all your applications are compatible with all browsers. So it is responsible to manage JavaScript code suitable for almost every browser.
  • AngularJS is available for free as it is an open-source platform and widely used by developers around the world. It is licensed under the Apache license version 2.0.

For better understanding here is the example of Angular that changes a label to whatever you type in the textbox.


Angular Example
<!DOCTYPE html>



<script src=”~/Scripts/angular.js”></script>


<body ng-app>

Enter Your Name: <input type=”text” ng-model=”name” /> <br/>

Hello <label ng-bind=”name”></label>



As you can see from the above example, it is a plain HTML code with some AngularJS attributes such as ng-bind, ng-app, and ng-model. The same task can also be done with jQuery with more lines of code, as you see in the table:


jQuery Example
<!DOCTYPE html>



<script src=””>




Enter Your Name: <input type=”text” id=”txtName” /> <br />

Hello <label id=”lblName”></label>



$(document).ready( function () {

$(‘#txtName’).keyup(function () {







Code Source

Thus, AngularJS contains built-in Angularjs directives utilizing which we can improve productivity. Now, let’s have a quick tour of the uses of Angular:


What are the uses of Angular?

With the increasing demand for Angular development services, its project ideas are also becoming handy in bringing evolution and minor changes to various sectors in our world today. Most significantly, Angular JS adds efficiency and value to internet-based applications. This JavaScript framework has come a long way for developers because it is reliable, efficient, and fast in designing single-page web applications.

1. Event Organization Platform

Angular is a web-based application that is perfectly suitable for businesses having multiple outlets and stores. Additionally, brands and societies can also make adequate use of this web application.


  • Businesses can rely on this project for simple business management
  • Users can also utilize it to invite all stores and people remaining in a huge community
  • In closing, it is also used to check the availability of community hall and make bookings


2. API Browsers for Businesses

API browsers for businesses are now convenient and gaining online presence because people choose to contact them for their excellent goods and services rather than local retail stores.


 This project helps you to increase the efficiency of your online businesses and make them analytically based.

  • Also, it helps businesses to manage their website in a better and effective way
  • Businesses can indirectly enhance their platform using this project


3. Content Management and Software Planning

This software performs content management and helps you to plan in a better way compared to bloggers and content strategists. You should try this project as it helps you to overcome your problem and it is also a very common Angular project idea.


  • Business owners prefer to use these software packages and use them in their ERPs
  • You can make more money using this project after creating it


4. Conversion Web-based Application

The concept here is to design a web-based app that can be used to transform uppercase sentences to lowercase and vice versa.


 This project is a great platform whether you’re a beginner or professional, anyone can take it up

  • Most significantly, this project focuses on making life more comfortable
  • In conclusion, Angular is an ideal choice for creating web tools like this


5. User Management System

The project manages every information about a user and divides it into two entities: User and Admin. A user can access the system to register their profile and use their id and password while they log in. On the other side, the admin will manage every User profile and that of the admin too.


  • Admin will also be in charge of updating and removing the User profile


6. Colour Scheme Editor

This application helps businesses to make changes in the already created files very easily. Not only files, but they can also modify images and PPTs. As a designer, you will definitely find this application helps in creating the best of your project.


  • Current, Color Scheme Editor is the most widely used and important web applications


7. Employee Management System

This application is important for every business to manage important information about employees such as work experience, log-in details, salary, leaves, etc. One good thing about this application is, it helps to reduce the stress of managing all the employee information manually.


 It is a perfectly designed application to manage all the employee details so you’re not required to worry about anything

  • It keeps track of every employee
  • Most importantly, it is also accessed by the administrator


8. Place Locator

This project helps you to find places for people which includes high-class supermarkets, hotels, malls, etc. hassle-free.


  • It works basically like a Google Map but in a simpler form
  • Also, it is one of the most widely used and common Angular projects you can lay your hands-on


9. Shop Management System

This project allows you to manage information like stock, payments, inventory, discounts, and sales. This is another useful AngularJS project idea that you can use to rehearse your coding skills and become a pro.


  • Only the admin is allowed to access the system, others are restricted
  • In conclusion, it substitutes manual forms of dealing with corresponding data


10. Calculator with ng-show and ng-click

This project is all about developing a modern-day calculator that assists in reasoning equations that are very challenging to operate within a limited time.


 This project concept is so familiar that is mostly suggested for every Angular framework newbie

  • You can easily develop this project


Final Thoughts

Here we discussed AngularJS and its uses that help you to reduce stress and improve in this field by practicing and following the best practices. Angular allows you to build dynamic single-page applications using its out-of-the-box features including dependency injection, AJAX handling, modularization, and much more. This is the main reason why Angular is considered the best platform for frontend development.