October 7, 2022


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4 Ways to Learn Quran Online

4 Ways to Learn Quran Online
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Islam is the world’s fastest-growing and second-biggest religion of the world. There are 1.9 billion Muslims worldwide. The literal meaning of Islam is “Peace”. The Holy Quran is the main book of Muslims and is considered to be 1400 years old. It was revealed upon the last Messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

The book gives information about this world and the hereafter. It tells the people how to lead a successful life in this world and hereafter. Thus, Muslims must learn Quran. It is essential not only for the Muslims but for everyone to read and understand the Quran to lead a pious and successful life. As this religion began in Saudi Arabia, the Holy Quran is written in Arabic, a language that is not spoken or read by the majority of Muslims and non-Muslims.

Out of 1.9 billion Muslims, only 20% are Arabs. To read or understand the Quran, you need to know the Arabic language. While it might seem unnerving, nowadays, it has become very easy to understand the Quran. Many online platforms can translate and give detailed explanations of the Holy Book to make people from various backgrounds truly understand this great book, which is all about success.

As we are living in a digital world, the Quran is also available online. Also, there are many easy ways and more options available to you which you can use to understand the Quran. Let us take a look at the top four ways to learn Quran online:

Online Quran Tutors

One of the best ways to learn Quran online is by taking online Quran classes with certified tutors. There are several platforms that offer online Quran classes. As you are learning from a real person, it can help you learn the Quran quickly and within the right context. It is not the only benefit. Most online platforms have several tutors.

Thus, you can handpick any tutor that you like and take classes with them. You may select the one that matches your learning style or even sect. Other than this, the benefit of online Quran tutors is that they offer a wide variety of services including Tajweed, Quran memorization, and learning the Arabic language. Lastly, taking online Quran classes with a certified tutor can aid in your quest to learn more about Islam. After all, tutors have considerable knowledge about Islam.

Mobile Phone App

Electronic devices such as smartphones have become a daily necessity for people across the globe. There is hardly anyone nowadays who does not have a smartphone. Throughout the world, internet-enabled gadgets such as tablets and smartphones have become a source of information and communication. According to data collected in 2020, 90% of people worldwide access the internet through their mobile devices.

The numbers are likely to increase over the coming years as more and more people can buy and access the internet and mobile phones due to affordability. Taking advantage of this situation, many apps and websites are available from where you can learn and understand the Quran easily anytime and anywhere free of cost. The majority of these apps can be accessed freely. Some famous Online Quran learning apps are:

  • Quran English
  • Islam 360
  • Al Quran with Tafseer
  • Quran English
  • New Islamic Teacher


YouTube is a digital video-based app and website and the second most visited website globally. There are 2 billion active users on YouTube as of 2020 stats. This platform can be used for educational purposes, and there are many channels available on YouTube which are providing free online Quranic education in all the languages and countries.

It is the easiest and arguably the most common platform used by people worldwide to understand and learn Quran. There are so many YouTube channels that you can access to learn about Quran and Islam. Some of the most famous Islamic YouTube channels are:

  • Merciful Servant
  • Free Quran Education
  • Ali Dawah
  • One Path Network
  • Iqra Cartoon



Apart from mobile apps and YouTube, there are so many websites available that teach about Quran and Islam. These websites can be accessed anywhere around the world. These websites can be accessed freely without paying any subscription fee. Some of the famous websites for learning and understanding the Quran are:

  • Quran Oasis
  • Quran Ayats
  • Learn Quran Web
  • Iqra Network

Wrap Up

Apart from the platforms mentioned above, there are numerous other platforms available for learning Quran. These include podcasts, blogs, and webinars. It is up to the user which platform to choose according to his preference and feasibility. However, we recommend that you learn from an online Quran tutor. The reason is that they can rectify your mistakes and answer up any questions that you may have. Just online Quran classes you will find out at top results best online Quran Academies.


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