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Our Top 5 New South Wales Beaches For Your Next Holiday

Here in Australia, it looks like we’re facing many more months of domestic travel only, due to COVID-related border closures. And while as passionate travelers this is a slightly depressing prospect. We find the best way to cheer ourselves up is to focus on our next beautiful beach odyssey right here in sunny New South Wales!

As owners of a beach gear brand based in Bondi Beach, friends and family often ask us what our favourite beaches are to help them get inspired for their own summer trips. So, we thought it was time to put our heads together and create our definitive list of the top five beaches in NSW. We hope these dreamy locations on Australia’s south-eastern coastline help to motivate you to book your own local family beach getaway soon!

Let’s face it – with a coastline stretching for over 50,000 kilometres including 10,000 + beaches – it’s not a bad country to be limited to for beach holidays. Just be sure to book ahead as accommodation during the warmer months (roughly October – April) is increasingly hard to snare at the last minute. As surfers, we always recommend trying to book accommodation a short stroll from the beach for easy access, and we are lucky to have many great options – from hotels to campgrounds – on all of these beaches.


1)- Bawley Point

Many south coast beaches are on the well-trodden tourist path, but not this pristine small coastal hamlet with its AMAZING isolated beach. Tucked into a simply wonderful part of the coast south of Ulladulla and north of Bateman’s Bay, Bawley Point beach is surrounded by natural beauty in the form of thick, forested headlands and national parks nearby. Great for swimming, fishing and bushwalking, it is also known for its brilliant right-hand surf break off the reef.

While you’re there, we suggest popping over to Termeil Beach in the Meroo National Park, which features walking tracks and a panoramic lookout. Lake Termeil itself is also a well-known local favourite spot for fishing and swimming – especially good for kids.


2)- Tallow Beach, Byron Bay

Tallow Beach is a stunning slice of paradise for surfers, near ever-popular Byron Bay. It runs from Cape Byron to Broken Head and is known for its clean surf breaks, though it’s also a popular spot with swimmers, runners, and fishermen as well.

The combination of clear blue water and endless white sand just off the pristine Cape Byron bushland adds up to a dreamy destination which should be on any beach lovers bucket list. There is no shade on the shore at this beach, so ensure you pack plenty of sunscreen, a broad-brimmed hat and of course, a decent beach tent to protect yourself. Because when you arrive at Tallows, you’ll never want to leave!


3)- Quoraburagun Point

This beach is the gold-standard for picturesque NSW beaches, with its endless white sand, crystal clear water and bright blue skies all summer long. On a hot day, nothing is better than diving into the fresh waters off Quoraburagun Point, or chilling on the long, flat stretch of sand which fringes this magical piece of coastline. Never heard of the location? The locals love it that way – but we’ll let you into the secret. It’s just a short drive on an unsealed road from the lovely far-south coastal town of Eden. Quoraburagun Point beach is suitable for walks, swims and relaxing!

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4)- McKenzie Beach

We’re sure McKenzie Beach will become a firm favourite from the first time you visit, with its beautiful surf, clear water, and friendly locals. Ideal for an early morning swim or snorkel, you’re likely to have the beach to yourself with plenty to look at around the southern end near the reef. Look out for dolphin pods surfing the waves, and don’t be surprised if you have the powdery sands of this heavenly beach all to yourself for large stretches of time, especially during the shoulder season! Located close to Batemands Bay, this is a family friendly option your children will love.


5)- Seal Rocks, Forster

Seal Rocks is becoming more well-known these days as an ideal weekend gateway from Sydney, but it retains its laid-back coastal charm. Head north from the city towards the Mid North Coast region of New South Wales and find yourself on this dramatic headland town with its unforgettable beach. We’ve spent many wonderful weekends surfing, diving, and bush walking around Seal Rocks, and can’t recommend it enough.

While you’re there, check out the Myall Lakes National Park and in particular the stunning Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse, which overlooks a pristine beach. We hope you enjoyed reading about our top five beaches in NSW, and got some inspiration from your next relaxing, natural holiday away from the everyday!