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5 Common Features of All Online Crash Games

Crash Games is taking the online casino gaming world by storm by offering fast-paced gameplay and huge payouts. These games have gained popularity due to their simplicity and thrilling gaming experience. The Auto bet in Aviator game as a feature helps a lot in making the game popular. Similarly, there are other features which are common among all the online crash games. Let’s explore all of those top features. If you are someone who wants to play for huge winnings in a smaller duration of time, then crash games are perfect for you.

Overview of Crash Games

Before we explore the common features of crash games, let’s understand the basics. The crash games involve a simple concept. The game’s objective is to cash out your bet before the crash happens. If you cash out at the right movement, you win based on the multiplier.

Popular Crash Games

Here we have listed down some of the popular crash games that you must play:

  1. Aviator
  2. JetX
  3. JetX 3
  4. Cricket X
  5. Zeppelin
  6. Thunder Crash


5 Common Features of Crash Games

The crash games are simple to play and have amazing features that we have mentioned here:

Auto Bet

It is one of the standout features of the crash games that makes the game easier to play and win big. These features simplify the gaming process and let the players place their bet manually on each round at the predetermined multiplier.

  • The Auto Bet feature automates the player’s gaming experience and makes it more efficient.
  • This lets the players enjoy the game without adjusting their bets consciously.


Auto Cash Out

This feature is a game changer for the players and allows them to cash out their winnings automatically at a specific multiplier.

  • This feature lets players auto-cash out their multiplier at the right moment.
  • This enhances the winning opportunity for the players.


No Dealer

Crash games are different from other traditional games like Blackjack or Roulette as it does not require any human dealer. Instead, the outcome of each round of the crash games depends on the Random Generator Method( RNG) method.

  • The RNG method ensures fairness and provides transparency for the players.
  • This method makes the betting result free from human interference, making the outcome random and unbiased.


In-Game Chat

Most crash games gaming platforms provide in-game chat features allowing players to interact with fellow players. Using this feature gives a sense of social interaction among players worldwide.

  • The players can share their thoughts, strategy and ask questions about the game.
  • This feature adds an extra layer of gaming excitement to casino players.


Game History

This feature allows players to get the record of the past rounds, including crash multipliers and multipliers.

Players can use these features to check the insights of the past rounds and know the trends, patterns and hot streaks.

This feature helps you to decide your betting strategy and make informed betting decisions.


Final Thoughts on Features of Crash Games

Crash games are games that offer exciting rewards and thrilling experiences. The game has gained massive popularity because of its unique features and simple gameplay. So start your gaming journey now and enjoy the fast-paced action and bigger winnings.