December 2, 2022


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5 Good Reasons to Compress PDF Files

5 Good Reasons to Compress PDF Files

What is the first thought that comes to mind when you say the word “compression”? It’s most likely to reduce pdf size. Yes it is accurate. When you compress a PDF using a pdf size reducer, you dramatically reduce pdf size.

Files that are smaller in size are considerably easier to handle and work with. If you’re not sure why you should compress your PDFs or how it would benefit you, here are five arguments to persuade you.


  1. Conserve storage space.

The most apparent purpose for compressing a PDF (or any other file format) is to conserve storage space. You will save a huge amount of space and be able to store more files if you keep your files on your computer’s hard drive or a cloud utility like Google Drive or OneDrive.

While most PCs today have the storage capacity to hold a significant number of huge files, cloud storages have limited storage space, particularly for those who don’t 


  1. Transfer Time is Reduced

You may have observed that it is sometimes impossible to transfer huge files via email or distribute them using online file-sharing programs/apps. This is because the size of the file(s) being transferred is limited.

Furthermore, compressed data enable speedier transmission. It is because it minimizes the time required to send and download the material (s). As a result, you can distribute PDFs via email or other sharing methods considerably more quickly.


  1. File Administration

One of the most significant advantages of a PDF compressor is the ability to compress a large number of files at once. We’re not talking about 10 or 20 files here, but rather 100 or 1000 files ALL AT ONCE. This enables you to minimize a large size in a very short amount of time.

Furthermore, when you compress a large number of files, they are all combined into a single zipped file. That means you’ve gathered and organized them in one location so you don’t have to waste time looking for them on your computer. The nicest part of bulk compression is that it not only organizes your files but also creates searchable text.


  1. Cost-cutting

The last purpose for compressing PDF files on our list is to save money. You’ve probably never considered it, but compressing can reduce pdf size a company’s expenditures as well as personal costs (of individuals). It’s because it keeps them from having to pay for more storage than they already have, higher bandwidth, and file-sharing software/apps.

In terms of data storage, whether you are a person or a business, you do not have to pay for more storage on Google Drive or Dropbox or update the capacity on your PC. When uploading compressed PDFs, 15 GB of free Google Drive storage may be plenty for individuals. Companies do not need to enhance their fundamental storage capacity, at least not in the near future.

Furthermore, you do not have to pay for faster internet in order to receive more bandwidth. When working with small-sized files, you will be able to upload, download, and send/share PDFs considerably more quickly via email than other file-sharing applications. It is recommended to use a pdf shrinker free tool to reduce pdf size.