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Hire a Web Developer For Custom Web Development Services

Hire a Web Developer For Custom Web Development Services

Leave aside HOW, think WHY do you need a web developer when it is known to everyone that absolutely anybody can create a website on their own? Times have changed, CMS like WordPress, Jumla, etc enables you to build websites on your own. But why would any Web Development Company want to hire web developers?


Here’s why exactly do you need to hire a web developer –

  1. It would save time.
  2. There are technical bits that only a web developer can lead you through.

However, what’s important still is how to hire and work with a developer who can successfully complete projects and run the web development process smoothly.

Hiring Guide for a Web Developer

  1. Make a clear job description.

This is the first step to eliminate the candidates who you don’t require and are underqualified. Make a clear job description and be clear about the roles and responsibilities. If you make a vague job description a lot of candidates will apply but if you make it a detailed one, your time will be saved and you will find worthy candidates.


  1. Be clear about your expectations.

Be clear about what kind of developer you need. For website changes, there are two areas from which the task comes in – design and coding. You need to figure out which area your project is more inclined to. The below-mentioned points might help you make a better job description.


  • Developer v/s Designer

Designing and developing are two different sides of one coin. Be clear about whether you want to create a new look for websites, create images, or want someone who can write codes.


  • Backend v/s Frontend Developers

The front end of the website is what you can see on your screen and the backend is what goes behind that. Web designers and frontend developers are often the same. Backend developers are concerned more with the functionality and technical part of the website like its speed, page loading time, etc.


  • Full-Stack Developer

Full-Stack Developer is a generalist. Who knows front end as well as backend development.


  • Freelance v/s Full-Time

The question is whether to hire a web developer for full time or if you want to work with a freelancer. This totally depends on the detail of your project and what o=projects your company does.


  • Experience Required and Salary Expectations

Mention the minimum years of experience you need. In addition to that, make budgeting for your web developer. For example, you want to pay hourly or you want to keep a fixed pay.

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  1. Places to Find Web Developers.

Though sources are many but finding your web developer would be easy on the following platforms –

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Guru
  • Topal
  • Outsourcely
  • LinkedIn
  • Dribbble
  • Craigslist
  • Codeable


  1. Must have interpersonal skills.

The candidate must have interpersonal skills and must be able to work in an independent environment. He/she must be able to handle project pressure and lead the whole team. A well-groomed candidate will know all the responsibilities and complete the project before the given deadline.


  1. Evaluate the quality of the web developer through the task given to him.

You can consider evaluating the quality of the web developer through the task given to him on the basis of the following points –

  1. His past projects.
  2. Time is taken to finish the given task.
  3. Technical expertise showed in the given task.
  4. Communication skills while completing the task.
  5. Ask for a quotation of the project you would want him to do for you.

This was the complete guide to how to hire a web developer. The bottom line is to be clear about what kind of developer you need and you will be all set to hire the best developer for your company. Need amazing web developers? Want your projects to be perfectly delivered and on time. Contact Oblivision Technologies – the Best Web Development Company in Mohali.