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5 Indoor Plants to Decorate your Room or Home

5 Indoor Plants to Decorate your Room or Home

Indoor plants enhance any house’s beauty, and natural beauty is the ultimate source of getting positive energy. But today, densely populated areas have led to the extinction of nature and have replaced it with scientific nature. However, it did not stop nature lovers from planting their gardens inside their homes. We spend most of our time indoors, especially nowadays when COVID-19 has hit us hard; staying inside is the only option we have. So, why not build our fresh nature and feel positive. There are plenty of indoor plants that you can buy to place them inside your room, lobby, living area, etc., reflecting energetic vibes and a happy environment. You can also get online indoor plants to make your home beautiful. Following are some indoor plants which you can put up in your room.

  • Peace Lily– A shiny, spoon-shaped flower is ideal for offices and homes. They brighten the room and enlighten the air around the room and are very easy to care for. Peace Lily composes of dark green leaves and a white flower. But the most attractive thing about this flower is that people think of it as a flower because of the hooded leaf bract that grows over the flowers. Just like other indoor plants, it also enjoys low to medium light. The reflection of this flower depends on the amount of light you put on these flowers. Peace Lily kept in medium light produces more white spathes and flowers, while if they are kept in low light, they will bloom less and look more like a foliage plant. You should be aware of this while taking care of Peace Lily because they can survive underwatering, but if you overwater them, they will die.
  • Phalenopsis- Phalenopsis is a type of orchid plant which is a thick-leaved plant. They are also known as moth orchids due to the shape of their petals. This indoor plant keeps up with you when you fail to upkeep them as they last longer than any other orchids. Phalenopsis blooms come in various colors, and indoor Phalenopsis require great sunlight, so face them at a window that brings more sunlight. Watering them once a week is enough, and you should try to use ice cubes rather than putting them in water. You can buy them while doing online shopping for indoor plants, and this plant is highly recommended as it can live for several years.
  • Christmas Cactus– The scientific name for Christmas Cactus is ‘Schlumbergera bridgessii’. This is a very beautiful winter flowering plant that is very easy to care for. It is the best plant for gifting someone as it propagates easily. It blooms rapidly with bright light and adapts itself to low light but make sure to keep it away from direct sunlight as its leaves will burn. As it is a winter plant, it needs continuous care and watering when planted in the summer or spring season. Never let the plant sit in water as their root and stem will rot, so keep them moist.
  • Money plant– It is believed that the money plant brings positivity, luck, and prosperity to the home. The scientific name of this plant is ‘Scindapsus Aureus’. This plant is known as a money plant because its leaves (flat, dark green heart-shaped, round, and plump) look similar to a coin. It can be planted as a trailer or a climber, and you can purchase a money plant online as well. It blooms well in medium to bright indirect sunlight and loses its color if exposed to low light. You should water them continuously from spring to autumn, and the best quality of money plant is that they can be grown in a container filled with water and without soil.
  • Pothos– This plant is specially made for those people who are too busy to look after them but on the same side want the beauty of houseplants. Pothos plant is a winter climate plant that has heart-shaped leaves and stays in low light. It is also known by the name Devil’s Ivy because even if it is kept in the dark, it does not die. So, if you are looking for a plant that stays with you for a long period, Pothos is the best choice.

Hence, some of the indoor plants are very attractive and bloom to bring clean air into your house.