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Best Task Management Software for Small Teams

Best Task Management Software for Small Teams

Small business project managers often use spreadsheets to keep track of their teams’ tasks, which is a tedious and time-consuming process for managers and team members. To improve process efficiency, project managers should use task management software to automate task tracking and view task status. These solutions have features like built-in calendars and Kanban boards, and can help managers keep track of tasks more effectively than manual spreadsheets.

If you are concerned about affordability, have no fear! Many task management solutions on the market offer free versions so companies can start using the software immediately without spending a lot of money.


What is Task Management Software?

Task management is an essential part of work projects and an important part of most of our personal lives. Some people may think that this is just a checklist to monitor their daily work. but no.

Since your tasks are plans, projects, and everything else you need to keep your life in order, managing them requires several steps. When it comes to collaboration within the team, the main steps are follow-up, adding deadlines, and delegation.

For this reason, notebooks, pens and even spreadsheets are not enough to adapt to more complex environments. These solutions are too simple when you need to collaborate with others or organize to-dos in a way that you can easily track your progress.

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Top 10 Best Free Task Management Software for Small Teams

1 – DragApp

DragApp is not just a task management tool. This is a feature-rich shared inbox solution to help the team manage the entire workflow. It is the only software on this list that can run on Gmail. After all, most tasks start and end as inbox emails, which is why Drag was developed to eliminate the hassle between Gmail and other task management tools. When you manage items in Gmail, you can increase the efficiency of your work, thus saving the process of using third-party tools or other browser tabs.


2 – MeisterTask

MeisterTask is a cross-platform collaboration tool that focuses on task management. You can use MeisterTask to organize and manage tasks in a customizable environment that meets your needs. It is used in conjunction with the Kanban board, which allows you to use all the information you need to perform your tasks. The software allows you to create an automated workflow to help your team improve work efficiency and manage many tasks at the same time. A free version that small teams can benefit from a lot, but their paid plan starts at $ 4.19 per month.


3 – Todoist

Todoist is a free task management solution that can help you always control everything in your personal or work life. It allows you to create sections and subtasks, thus improving the way you keep track of projects. You can also mark your favorite tasks and highlight them as priorities. If you need to work with a team, Todoist allows you to delegate tasks and receive notifications of new operations on the assignment. Also, you can add comments so that all team members can discuss what needs to be done on the same page.


4 – ClickUp

ClickUp has the function of customizing the internal experience of the tool. In this way, all team members can manage individual tasks and shared tasks according to their preferences. It is software that provides functions for sales, marketing, development, and other teams. With ClickUp, you can choose between 5 views: Dashboard, List, Chart, Calendar and “My mode”. In this way, you can easily view and manage your tasks and organize them according to their priority. Additionally, you can assign tasks to other team members to keep the project running.


5 – Hitask

Hitask is a simple task management application that is easy to use and does not require a complicated onboarding process. Therefore, it is an ideal option for many companies and even individuals. You have just one screen and everything you need to manage your project in one place. You can schedule tasks by deadline, team, or plan, or assign tasks to other teammates.

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6 – BaseCamp

Basecamp uses the concept of “all in one” for work, which means that it can act as an organizer to put all your work in one place instead of going crazy putting it in another place. Therefore, to make your life easier and not hassle, consider using Basecamp. Use its task management feature to complete required work and improve efficiency. The free version of Basecamp is called “personal” and is ideal for students, freelancers, personal projects, and similar types of lighting. Your free account can have up to 20 users and three projects. However, if you need to upgrade, the price is $ 99 per month.


7 – TaskQue

TasQue is an online task manager that goes beyond the concept of a to-do list app. It can help teams and individuals simplify their daily processes and allow them to track the progress of tasks. You can access information about the project to help the team stay on the same page and complete all work on time. With TaskQue, you can manage project resources. The free plan is very suitable for teams of up to 10 people and provides a connection limit of 5 Mb and 1 Gb of space. If you need to upgrade to a business plan to use more features, you will have to pay a user fee of $ 5 per month.


8 – Trello

Trello is probably one of the most popular task management tools among all the tools that provide a Kanban interface. For any team, it is very simple to use, as it provides a wide range of templates for each team: sales, marketing, business, human resources, support, etc. Although Trello can make your project more flexible and personalized. Trello’s freemium feature provides some unlimited features. However, if you choose more advanced features, the paid plan starts at $ 9.99 per user per month.


9 – Wrike

Wrike is a project management tool that can be used for other purposes, such as marketing or product development. Thanks to this flexibility, many teams can use this software to collaborate and communicate when dealing with tasks. With this tool, you can customize your workflow, apply color codes, and create custom fields to export data. Wrike provides a free task management plan that can accommodate up to 5 users. If you have more people on your team, you may need to upgrade to a paid plan, which starts at $ 9.80 per user per month.


10 – Podio

Podio is a task management system that helps you centralize all business processes in one place. It’s flexible and easy to use, and has even won awards in the field of task management. The free version provides all the functions to manage tasks. If you want to unlock more features, you can upgrade to a paid plan. In the annual plan, the price starts at $ 7.20 per month.