October 7, 2022


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5 Most Important Reasons to Use WordPress in 2022

5 Most Important Reasons to Use WordPress in 2022
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One of the more frequently requested questions we receive is “Why should I use WordPress?” Doesn’t my existing website suffice? What are the reasons to switch over to WordPress? You’re in the right place if seeking answers to these kinds of questions. We’ll discuss the most important reasons you should use WordPress in this post. Why should you start using WordPress? 

A common and common misconceptions about WordPress is that it’s solely employed to blog. However, WordPress is far more than that. While WordPress was initially an online blogging platform but it has evolved into a robust website building tool and a content management systems (CMS). WordPress is the main reason behind 40 percent of all websites online as per the results of a recent survey.


Let’s take a look at the reasons why you should design your site using WordPress.

1. WordPress is free.

WordPress is a program that is free. This means that you can use it to download, install and and use and modify it however you wish. It is able to be used to create any kind of site. Read our post on the reasons why WordPress is free to learn more. Although it is true that the WordPress software is free, you’ll require a domain name and web hosting to begin to get it running. Domain names are an internet address of your site. This is what users input in the address field of their browsers to access your site (for instance, wpbeginner.com). Web hosting is like a house in which all the website’s files are kept.

We suggest Bluehost for hosting as well as domain names. Bluehost is one of the largest hosting companies in the world as well as a WordPress hosting company that’s recognized as an official certified. Our staff of experts will be happy to assist you with our free WordPress blog installation for those who need someone with experience to setup your WordPress website.


2. Not just for programmers, but for all:

What are the benefits of using WordPress? It’s something everyone is able to do. Many entrepreneurs pay someone to design a site for their company and are uninformed when it’s time to change things. But, WordPress makes it very user-friendly. Without having to know the smallest detail of programming, users are able to make and maintain a full website. WordPress has drag-and-drop web builders that manage nearly everything. Its dashboard is simple with a variety of menu options in the sidebar. It is easy to create pages and articles, modify the appearance of your site and add navigation menus and much more.

There have been some changes. WordPress releases the core WordPress updates on a regular basis that you can install by just one click. WordPress themes and plugins that publish updates are also in the same category. WordPress was developed for non-tech-savvy bloggers prior to becoming an extremely well-known CMS to create websites. This is why most of the user-interface elements are easy to use and there are written and recorded instructions for learning to use WordPress functions. All you need to do is modify the content of pages or articles, widgets, as well as other areas on your website and our team will take care of the rest.


3. WordPress Can Be Fully Customized

Most WordPress users don’t have experience as web designers or developers. Many people start using WordPress with no prior experience in web design. WordPress is the perfect solution for those who aren’t tech-savvy, as you can find thousands of completely free templates for websites (themes) to pick from. It’s a great choice for almost every type of site (whether it’s a blog, commercial website, or even an online store) There’s the perfect WordPress theme. Since most WordPress themes have an options panel that is their own it is possible to alter the colors or upload your logo change the background, design stunning sliders, and modify it to meet your requirements without having to write code.

It isn’t easy to pick from the thousands of plugins. However, there are some essential WordPress plugins we suggest for every website The fact that you can enhance the capabilities of WordPress to create an advanced site that can do all kinds of amazing things is among the major reasons why people utilize it. You can also alter just the appearance of a few components to get exactly the way you want it to be. You can do this making use of WordPress plugins. Even novices can build the site of their dreams by using these tools!


4. WordPress is SEO-friendly and ads-safe:

Every site in the world can be ineffective if it doesn’t receive any traffic or visits. The good news is that WordPress was designed using SEO as a goal. WordPress utilizes semantic markup as well as high-quality code. That means Google as well as other engines like WordPress. This is the reason search engines love WordPress blogs. We suggest that you use the WordPress SEO plug-in to improve your website for more number of visitors.

WordPress is a very secure and secure platform for operating websites because it was created to be secure. But, there’s plenty it is possible to do to help make your site secure from malware, hackers, and other dangers. Check out the beginners’ WordPress security guidelines for further details.


5. WordPress Isn’t Going Away

WordPress is by far the largest CMS market share and accounts for more than one quarter of the websites. This means that a lot of users are already acquainted with the WordPress CMS and this means that there is less need for training staff for the creation of a new website.

Based on an study of the most popular domains, these are the websites with an identified CMS. The builders of websites are able to change. Even the most popular ones. Open-source software, on contrary has a much higher likelihood of lasting for a longer period of time. Because it’s open source software, it’s not maintained by one person or company. In just a few minutes, anyone is able to download its code and run it under another name.

WordPress is widely used by millions of users across the globe. It supports more than 53 languages and is the basis for many multi-lingual sites. WordPress’s WordPress community is an important benefit of the platform. It’s as easy as searching the issue, and you’re likely to find an online forum or discussion in which someone has experienced similar experiences and can offer a solution to you.

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