Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

6 Best Practices For Digital Marketing

6 Best Practices For Digital Marketing
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The year 2019 brought many new challenges and rewards for digital marketing professionals. Many new trends and updates flooded the landscape of digital marketing, keeping the marketers and businesses on their toes. Most of the strategies remained the same as the significance of SEO, but other pioneering trends completely changed the course of the flow. It is extremely important necessary to stay updated with the latest digital marketing practices in 2022 to take your brand to new heights, especially if you are a business owner or digital marketer. It is important for business owners as well as SEO agencies in India to understand the latest trends and implement them into their ongoing digital marketing strategies. Below is the summary of some best strategies of digital marketing that would help you succeed in 2022.

Top 6 Best Practices For Digital Marketing

Voice Search

Voice Search is already a success, and more consumers are not investing in voice assistant devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home. Millions of adults worldwide have a Smartphone, and the majority of the adult population is influenced by responses offered by their home assistant device. Since more and more consumers are adopting this new method of voice assistant, brands and digital marketers are required to customize their digital marketing strategy in 2022 to cater to the growing needs. It is estimated that 50% of online searches are conducted via voice technology in 2022; to stay competitive; you need to integrate voice technology strategy into your existing digital marketing campaign.

Focus on Shoppable Posts

Social Media platforms remain a crucial part of digital marketing in 2022. It has emerged as a major shopping destination. Over 65% of Instagram users tend to find new brands on this social platform, and over 75% of Pinterest users have reported that the platform enables them to find new products and services.

With the increasing demand for influencer marketing and the want-it-now mentalities of people, shopping online on these social platforms is becoming convenient. It eradicates the need to visit the storefront or website. The social platforms are becoming quite popular today and making it easier for online stores to sell products and services via these platforms.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Immersive technologies like AR and VR are still growing in popularity with digital marketers in 2022. Augmented Reality offers consumers the innovative experience of the brand’s services and products from the convenience of their Smartphone. Since the usages of Smartphone continue to grow in 2022 for costumers, Augmented Reality offers the ability to communicate with consumers in a fun-filled manner to improve the brand’s value.

Interactive Content

Rather than focusing on watching or reading content, you must produce materials that require your target audiences to directly take part in the desired action. It will help you better educate, entertain and engage your audiences to drive the best outcomes via blogs, websites, emails and more. Interactive contents are eye-catching because they are competitive and fun and give your consumers personalized and instant results. For Best SEO company in Delhi, interactive content is not the only way to build new conversations, but also to convince the customers further into sales funnel.

Social Messaging Apps

Digital marketers who are looking for advanced ways to communicate and render the best customer services must integrate social media messaging apps. Many social messaging apps are becoming an effective medium for businesses in 2022 to stay in touch with their consumers. Messenger by Facebook reported 2 billion exchanges alone in 2019, and the same trend is also observed in the first quarter of 2022.

Consumers are enjoying this new experience as it is convenient to connect with the business directly rather than calling them. It is the kind of personalization that is key for developing a strong relationship with customers.

User-Generated Content

2022 is the year where consumers are looking for a real feel and human connection to a brand’s services or products when scrolling the social feeds and inboxes. So, user-generated content is considered as the vital asset in 2022 that can be produced voluntarily by brand’s consumers like Google My Business Reviews, Un-Boxing YouTube Videos, Instagram Photos and more.

The user-generated content can offer authentic information about services and products, thereby increasing brand credibility. Consumers still consider virtual sources to validate their purchasing decision, and over 80% of consumers agree that online reviews are like personal suggestions for them.