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Digital marketing is an ever growing industry, and with this constant growth arises the need for digital tools which ease the digital marketing process. With this ever growing need of tools, the research becomes more complicated and tiresome at every step because of all the available options. To help with this, we bring to you Toolcano. Toolcano is a tool aggregator platform where all the important and most commonly used digital tools are listed with all the relevant information. Toolcano will provide support at each and every step of your digital marketing journey, whether it is lead capturing or sales or even analytics.

What is Toolcano?

Toolcano is a web platform where all the most commonly used tools are listed. It helps you by providing all the relevant information like pricing, uses and tutorial videos, all in one stop. It is a one stop solution for all your tool requirements. Toolcano is designed with one thing in mind, to ease the digital marketing journey by providing multitude of tools in one stop. It provides marketing and branding tools for marketers to help with their marketing needs. It also provides tools for non-marketers and students to help with their projects and other miscellaneous tasks. Toolcano has multiple tools which serve their purpose across many domains of digital marketing and some tools perform multiple functions.


Why Toolcano?

Toolcano has been designed by a team of expert professionals who had a simple vision in mind. It was to make the tedious journey of digital marketing easy by providing the most commonly used tools under one roof. Toolcano is a guide for anyone who wishes to only get the information about tools. AI has made its mark in the tech industry and is currently making a mark in the marketing sector. Toolcano has multiple AI tools which provide support in the martech industry, by reducing manual inputs and increasing productivity and revenue. Building Toolcano from an idea to the actual platform has been one rollercoaster of research and reading about the tools, so that you don’t have to spend time researching about tools and utilise your time to improve your campaigns.


How does it aim to help marketers?

Toolcano is one of the best martech stacks which aims to provide all the information about the most used tools by marketers. It is designed and developed with one common ideology, to provide the best fit tool for different requirements, depending on the requirements of any user. It aims to provide the best solution to every user. It is designed keeping in mind the requirements of marketers but is not limited to tools which will only help marketers.

Most of the digital marketing tools are focused on marketers, which will help improve the impact of their campaigns and increase revenue, traffic or any other metric they wish to improve. Toolcano offers a wide range of tools which can be used by no-marketers also, without having to spend the time on research.

Let us take a look at what sets Toolcano apart from its competition.

1. Tool Recommendations:

Toolcano provides a multitude of tools which are used on a regular basis by marketers and non-marketers alike. But it also analyses your preferences and requirements and delivers a list of tools which are suited for your needs. It helps by saving time to research about the tools which will serve best according to your needs.


2. Search Option:

Toolcano allows you to search the tool which you feel is the best according to your list of requirements. But the search filter is not only limited to that. It also allows you to add additional filters like cost, user reviews, features and more to locate the perfect tool.


3. Regular Updates: 

Digital marketing is a continuously evolving sector, and with this evolution new tools are also entering into the market. These new tools are regularly updated on the website. Including new tools in the inventory does not mean we forget about the earlier uploaded tools. If there are some changes, the older tools’ information is also updated accordingly. It helps to provide a fresh feel to the user.


4. Multiple Categories:

Toolcano covers a variety of aspects in the field of digital marketing. Starting from the basics of graphic creation to a much more complicated and time consuming SEO, it covers almost every topic which can and will impact your digital marketing journey. Toolcano also covers AI tools which help in your journey, making it a much more efficient digital marketing journey. These tools in various categories are used by everyone ranging from a novice to a professional digital marketer, a student or an employee.


5. Budget Friendly:

Toolcano understands the budget regulations faced by digital marketers and non-marketers and provides them with a mix of tools which are free and premium or paid tools. While searching for the tools you can add the filter based on your budget preference and Toolcano will put out the best tool which fits in your budget requirement.



Toolcano has helped people bring out the best performance in their marketing campaigns by saving their time and efforts by providing them a one-stop-solution for all their tool requirements. For anybody who wishes to learn more about tools, it is one of the best possible solutions. And for marketers who do not have the time to research about the tools, it is a boon. Saving time and efforts was the main motivation behind the development of Toolcano and that is what we have achieved.