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8 Reasons to Choose Allianz Global Assistance for your OVHC and OSHC

8 Reasons to Choose Allianz Global Assistance for your OVHC and OSHC

Buying an adequate cover for OVHC and OSHC has transformed from just being a compliance requirement for visa applications. International students, workers and visitors want to be certain about the proper on-ground support their OVHC/OSHC cover will offer.

There are Several Australian Insurance Providers to Choose From

Among them, Allianz Global Assistance (AGA) is one of the most well-known brands, with operations in 66 countries and millions of clients. But it is not about the numbers alone. In this blog, we will highlight some facilities provided by AGA that set them apart from other insurance providers in the market.

1. Doctors on Demand App

Allianz Global Assistance’s Doctor on Demand facility enables you to consult a qualified, Australian-based doctor 24/7 at any time, without leaving home. It can be for frequent prescriptions, referral to a specialist, or guidance on a health issue. The service is available for both OSHC and OVHC Australia customers, except budget working and budget visitor’s cover. You can speak to them via phone or a video call.


2. Direct Billing Network

Who likes to go through paperwork, especially when they are not keeping well? This provider offers direct billing, which means the medical providers submit the bill directly to the insurance company. The patient does not have to fill the paperwork to make a claim. Allianz Global Assistance has a broad network of direct billing GPs and specialists. Currently, they claim to have access to more than 900 for Allianz OSHC customers and more than 550 for OVHC.


3. 24*7 Support Lines for the Customers

AGA emphasises on solving customer queries at the time of need, and they have a dedicated helpline for the same. Their 24*7 emergency helpline is available all day long to provide advice and assistance to the members.


4. Sonder- AGA Student Safety Service

When an international student arrives in Australia, a sense of uncertainty lingers in his/her mind along with excitement.

There are various concerns like:

  • not having friends or family nearby
  • medical support and guidance during illness/emergency
  • meeting strangers for the first time in unfamiliar situations
  • safety while travelling alone

To address these issues, AGA has partnered with on-demand student safety app Sonder. Using the app, students can seek support via call, chat or use the ‘swipe for help’ option.


5. Comprehensive Information Available Online

AGA focuses on designing their website in such a transparent and resourceful way where every health-related queries from clients are available. Information on how to ‘Find a Doctor’, ‘How to Make a Claim’. ‘On-campus support’ for students everything mentioned in detailed. Also, there is a separate ‘Help Centre’ available for both OSHC and OVHC customers.


6. Easy Claims Process

For international students, AGA offers 3-way claims process: Via My OSHC Assistant App, On-Campus and Email. The Claim Form as well some other popular forms are added on the same page for convenience. For the OVHC members, AGA provides 2-way claiming, either you have to email or post the form to make a claim. The process is defined, and the postal address is also given on the website.

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7. Multilingual Assistance

Are you more comfortable speaking in your mother tongue when seeking aid for an emergency? AGA has a team of multilingual staff, who can speak in different languages. One can seek assistance in Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Thai, Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese and Malay.


8. A Wide Range of Health Cover Support

AGA offers a wide range of covers for both OSHC and OVHC. In OSHC, its covers include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • 100% of the medical services provided in the hospital.
  • Accommodation including all public hospitals & some private hospitals
  • Emergency ambulance
  • Specialists (out of hospitals)
  • Medical tests including blood tests, x-ray
  • Prescribed medicines


In OVHC, AGA Provides a Range of Four Covers, Including:

A Budget Working Cover include facilities like Public and Private hospital, Maternity/Birth, Rehabilitation, Ambulance, Repatriation.

Standard Working Cover provides the cost of GP, Pathology, Radiology, Prescribed Medicines, other Specialists, along with all of the above facilities of budget cover.

Mid Working Cover provides both the budget and standard cover facilities. With those, it also covers General Dental, Optical, Physiotherapy, Complementary Therapy and Chiropractic costs.

Top Working Cover includes all of the above facilities plus costs of Hearing Aids and Wellness, Psychology, Speech Therapy, Podiatry, Health Management.

The best way to buy an overseas health policy is to compare the quotes and buy the one that is best suited for your budget and health needs. You can compare a wide range of policy quotes by giving a few details. You can also avail ‘Live Support’ facility in case any assistance is required.