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Classification of Standard Liquid Flow Meter

Classification of Standard Liquid Flow Meter

The standard liquid flow meter has many uses. You can use it in the medical field, food sector, and the industrial field.  A standard liquid flow meter is divided into four main classes. But, each class depends on the law under which it works. Take a sip of juice as you go through those classes, as outlined below.

Mechanical Sensors

Did you know that mechanical flow meters are conventional devices? Well, now you have learned that. These devices come with either wheels or turbines inserted in the conduits to gauge the flow rate. That is aided by putting the pipe in the right place.

The mechanical type of liquid flow meter is sorted out as a single jet meter, gear, and piston meter. The piston sensor uses spinning pistons, while the single jet meter uses the impellers to gauge the flow. Yet, gear types of mechanical design use two or more gears. Those gears spin upended to each other. This sensor is ideal for fluids.

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Ultrasonic Flow Meters

The ultrasonic flow meters need very low upkeep. That is due to the laxity use of casual parts in the flow meter. You can always count on this type of standard liquid flow meter to gauge the flow rate of your fluid.

These devices give accurate results compared to other water flow meter types. They also have a pro of gauging any liquids such as water and oil with no hassle. The vice design of these ultrasonic flow meters is to snap out of the pipe. That helps you to install your flow meter with ease.



Are you aware that a pressure sensor’s flow rate is determined either by gulf force or dynamic force? But, each factor works like chalk and cheese when gauging the rate of flow in a liquid.

The gulf force works by constricting the pipe to lower the force. When the liquid is added, it raises the force. Do you wish to know how this device gets the flow rate of a liquid? Well, it is gauged by checking the force difference in the outlet and inlet valve.

But, the dynamic force is gauged by knowing the difference between points. That is, between the points that the force is fixed and the other point where the liquid poise is nil. The pressure flow meter has many designs like the cone meters, pilot meters, and all tubes.


Electromagnetic Meters

The magnetic type of standard liquid flow meter is not ideal for distilled water, oil, and hydrocarbon. But, you can use the meters with water or even water-based liquids such as waste-waters.

These meters, like the name suggests, use a magnetic field to gauge the flow rate. The magnets in the pipe create the magnetic field, which alters the voltage. That occurs with the help of conductive elements of the fluid used.


Final Thoughts

Choosing the right water flow meter types is vital. That is because it helps to avoid losses and damages to sensors. It is essential to note that not all devices are compatible with all types of liquids. You can check for factors like the size of the pipe and the viscosity of liquids.