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A Beginner’s Guide to Using iTop VPN

A reliable VPN will always have your back, ensuring you have the best browsing experience. ITop VPN is a provider of this service that you can consider. The program has plenty of amazing features that will enhance your overall experience. This iTop product is an excellent VPN for Windows that is beginner-friendly. As a beginner, you may encounter challenges when using this service. The good news is that we have your back by providing a user guide, as seen in this article.

Introduction to iTop VPN

ITop is a renowned brand dealing with mobile phone and PC utilities, such as a screen recorder, a screenshot feature and an online screen recorder. Also, there is the VPN service, which is our main subject.

A VPN service comes in handy where you want to access restricted sites and browse in privacy. ITop VPN guarantees you privacy, and you won’t have any problem with data leaks. Let us look at the steps to follow to use this program.


Step 1: Download the Program

You start by visiting iTop’s best free VPN for Windows online platform and downloading the correct version. On the site, you will realize that iTop works with different devices and operating systems. There is the PC version, which works with Windows and Mac operating platforms. It supports all Windows OS, new and old, showing you how versatile it is.

Additionally, this utility is compatible with smartphones and works with iOS and Android devices. A thing to know is that iTop is a free VPN service, meaning you can access its services for free. Download and install the suitable version of the application on your device.


Step 2: Launch and Use the Program

With the program on your PC or smartphone, you launch it. Check out its features and learn how to use them. The blog section has educative articles that will let you into the workings of this utility.


Step 3: Upgrade to Premium Plans

Assuming you used the free services, you can upgrade to the premium packages to benefit from its resources. There are one-month, six-month and yearly plans. The latter offers you a worthy value, translating to an 80% discount.

The following are the benefits of subscribing to a premium package.

  • Fast browsing speeds.
  • Shielding from malware attacks, trackers and ads.
  • Access to over 1800 servers worldwide.
  • Support of applications like gaming, streaming and browsing.

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Top Resources of iTop VPN

This VPN service has many resources that make it more efficient. There is the kill switch, which protects your browsing info, should the VPN shut down unexpectedly. Furthermore, there is a feature that hides your VPN, helping you to conceal your identity. ITop VPN has an affiliate program that allows you to gain passive income in the form of commission. You can check out the affiliate section on the website for more information.


Final Remark

ITop is an excellent VPN program to have for safe and fast browsing. If you are new to this utility, this article will help you know how to go about it. Follow the steps and have a smooth time using iTop VPN.