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Common Personal Injuries a Lawyer Can Help With

When you have recently sustained a personal injury, you might be considering hiring a personal lawyer to help you to get back on your feet and get the compensation that you deserve. Then, read on to find out whether a lawyer can help you with your personal injury and the types of cases that they usually decide to take on.

1. Whiplash

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries that personal injury lawyers deal with each year, as many people obtain this injury from even mild car accidents. You can get whiplash from being thrown back and forth on impact, and this can cause pain in your neck. Although whiplash often gets better within a few months, it can put you out of action for this time, and you might need to take time off to recuperate and be in a great amount of discomfort. Not only this, but personal injury lawyers also take on cases involving a range of other injuries that occur in car accidents, such as brain and head injuries, broken limbs, and soft tissue sprains. Then, if you have sustained one of these injuries in a car or even a truck accident, where your injuries may be more severe, you should consider looking at Horst Shewmaker law firm, who may be able to help you to get the compensation that you need to get back to full health.


2. Dog Bites

Although you might love animals, dog bites are incredibly common, and the owner of the dog is responsible for their actions. These dog bites can be serious and can lead to infection, nerve and blood vessel damage, and even diseases such as rabies. If you have been bitten by a stranger’s dog and you have a severe injury that you want to get compensation for, personal lawyers can be there for you throughout the process and can help you get the compensation that you need with minimal distress, whether the case is settled inside or outside of court. This is especially the case if the dog was off their leash, if they were displaying signs of being dangerous or if the owner knew that they were a potential danger to others.


3. Slip and Fall Injuries

If you slip on a surface, you may find that you end up with broken, fractured, or sprained limbs, and you might even sustain a head injury or internal bleeding. Then, slip and fall injuries can be extremely serious and can leave you with extended hospital stays and a long recovery period, especially if you are a senior. Often, slips and falls are not your fault, and the owner of the property that you fell in may be liable for your injuries. Then, instead of allowing the financial burden to fall on you for an injury that you were not the cause of, you should hire a personal injury lawyer for your slip and fall accident to make sure that you can obtain the finances that you need to pay for your medical care and more.