December 5, 2022


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Astounding Travel Micro Influencers To Follow

You may love micro travel influencers teasing you with short reels about fantastic locations as a social media user. They can combine the destination’s distinct features and culture with intriguing content to form a campaign.

It is becoming a hooking point for entrepreneurs and business owners to connect with influencers to explore their business in new verticals. The aim is to bring products and services to the limelight and connect with potential customers. However, before that, what are micro-influencers?

Travel micro influencers are the ones that have a good number of followers, making them affordable for businesses that can’t go for big promotion strategies. The aim is to intensely engage an audience that can help them make a difference in the market. The micro-influencers have the hold on the market that allows them to promote products, making them an ideal choice for businesses.

Micro-influencers are passionate about the cause or specific product (or industry), making them a trusted source among the audience. The micro-influencers can talk about a particular product or service and connect with the customers or audience. It makes them an ideal choice for businesses.

With this said, here are some of the most popular travel micro-influencers to watch out for.


Lia and Jeremy (@practicalwanderlust)

Lia and Jeremy are the couple traveler everyone has come to love and admire. Within their married life, they spend one year on their honeymoon exploring South America and Europe. Their posts are full of energy and a shining sense of humour to inspire the audience to plan their next trip.


Jacob and Tiffany (@ourfamilyadventures)

With small spaces, kids, and full of life, Jacob and Tiffany are the perfect examples of travel micro-influencer. They are big on adventure zooming in and out with two kids and an airstream trailer. Their social media account is full of a beautiful collection of pictures showcasing their life on the road. Even their profile speaks about books, parenting, and the nomadic way of living.


Adam Northwest (@adam.northwest)

With a husky on his toes, Adam Northwest is changing the travel world along with his wife. He is passionate about nature photography and hiking, making him travel to capture the beauty around him. He has a high engagement rate with more than 90K followers making him collaborate with brands like Coleman, Lull Mattress, T-Mobile, and more.


Chelsea Martin (@passporttofriday)

Chelsea Martin is one of the top micro-influencers on Instagram, making a difference as a travel advisor with over 25K followers. She also founded Passport to Friday, her travel agency. Chelsea is well-known for her great engagement highlighting the places like Rhode Island, Bora Bora, London, Maldives, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Anguilla, and Dubai, to name a few. Her excellent choices for luxurious hotels, travel companies, and resorts have made her a game-changer.


Alexandra Dempsey (@tourwifetourlife)

A travel blogger, beauty explorer, and lifestyle expert, Alexandra Dempsey has become a sensation in the market. She married Ryan Dempsey in 2015 and grew up in Queens, New York, relocating to Vermont, with beautiful green mountains. Her account is full of pictures of her adventures and how she is balancing her personal life, husband, and travel life. Dempsey put up content full of a sense of humour, attainable, relatable, and inspiring for others. Along with this, she has a blog – Tour Wife Tour Life – where she has put up her stories, photography, and travel experience as a collection.

Whether a business owner or an entrepreneur exploring the travel industry, you can go for these top travel micro-influencers to help you grow in the market. Make sure what you want will work best for you to thrive in the market.