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How to Find Micro Influencers on Instagram

How to Find Micro Influencers on Instagram

This is an age of technology and social media has became one of the best platforms to make the brand outreach to the next level. Nowadays, the Social Media Influencers are very high in demand with brands approaching to them for influencing the public to purchase the products or services. But as these social media influencers have high demands , their costs also increases. Therefore, an increase in micro influencers has come up for the rescue of small businesses.

Micro influencers are those which are affordable and more easily approachable to small businesses. The building of credibility and awareness of products or services to general public is quite hard and time consuming , but not in the case of social media influencers or the micro influencers.  In this article I will tell you how you can find Instagram micro influencers.


Who are Micro Influencers?

A micro-influencer is a person who has a following of 1,000–100,000 individuals. On the other hand macro influencers instagram are those who posses followers from 0 – 1000.  Any platform is acceptable, and many people have their own blogs and websites. You must find the top micro influencers for your brand.

Since their follower numbers are smaller and hence easier for them to interact with more frequently, micro-influencers that are focused on a certain niche frequently have the advantage of having a high audience engagement. Because they have lesser viewership, it costs less to compensate them than it does for celebrities and high-profile accounts.


Can you Brand Benefits from Micro Influencing?

The internet is flooded with information about influencer marketing, which can lead to brands chasing the incorrect influencer groups by mistake thing that these influencers could be the best for their brand.  As a result, 60% of all campaigns fall short of their objectives. So, to assist you assess whether you genuinely need micro-influencers as part of your strategy, here is a quick checklist.


You should use Micro-Influencers for your campaign if:

– Your influencer marketing budget is low.

– Your top priority is engagement rates, not brand awareness.

– You wish to connect with people in a particular niche community.


You must Find the Influencers Related to your Niche.

Influencer marketing can be utilized to accomplish a variety of objectives, including promoting engagement, brand awareness, and sales. But in order to accomplish any of these objectives, you need to market your content to the right audience. This means that you need to collaborate with micro influencers who are knowledgeable about your topic and have sizable followings who are enthusiastic about it.

Finding an influencer who is regarded as an authority on a topic related to your niche is ideal and great . If you don’t do this, your brand will not be promoted by influencers and you won’t be able to reach your target audience.

Choosing micro-influencers should be based on your objective if it is to increase engagement. Use material that encourages engagement and identify influencers with high engagement rates. You can organize a giveaway in collaboration with the Instagram influencer of your choosing to encourage engagement with your viewers. The influencer can specify the rules in detail, which may include like posts, tagging friends, or following your account.


– Search the Hashtags

Searching the Instagram hashtags that are similar to your brand is a wonderful place to start. Which ones do you use the most in the posts on Instagram.  You must be using them with all your products or services on Instagram. If you aren’t using hashtags, then this is a whole different problem that you can easily fix. Searching hashtags is helpful because you can locate content that is being uploaded by micro-influencers who are similar to you in these hashtag feeds.


– Use Geo Tagging Method

There are various ways to locate influencers who lives in a particular area if you want to leverage them. The use of hashtags was already mentioned, but it continues along with the Geo Tagging. Similar principles apply, but geographic location tagging takes things a step further. When you add a location tag to a post (similar to a Facebook “check in”), you may click the location to view a large collection of images that have the same location as their tag. You’ll meet folks in your own neighborhood or the neighborhood you’re trying to reach.


– Go Through Your Followers

Another excellent and straightforward method for locating IG micro-influencers is to look at your own followers. Yep! You can see that people are interested in your sector and what you have to offer by looking at the Instagram users who have already started following your business. Even though you most likely have thousands of them, some of them will stand out as you go through the list.

At last, be practical and choose the right influencer for your brand as same as your niche. Also be aware of the fake influencers over the internet who have increased their followers by tools. You can also use various tools to check the engagement rate of their followers.