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Auto Business in Covid Review by PitStopArabia

Auto Business in Covid Review by PitStopArabia
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As the modern world undergoes one of the biggest problems in its history, we find ourselves in a period of uncertainty that has ever been witnessed. Most previous crises of the past century had a historical basis on which to model and predict their subsequent effects. However, the current situation has brought the world a whole new challenge.

Here are some ways in which the pandemic has affected the industry’s long-term growth prospects, directly or indirectly.

Effects on Employment after Covid

A major impact of COVID on the automotive industry, just as it did on virtually all industries, was its economic impact. To avoid industry-wide bankruptcy, many employers took pay cuts and shortened working hours, while even more were laid off. Even though some workers have returned to the workforce and others are expected to shortly. But, there are still a majority of workers who are unlikely to get the news.

Vehicles driven by artificial intelligence will fall

Due to COVID’s significant economic impact, automakers prioritized other pressing advancements, including electric vehicles. Automakers put off investments in AV technology in favor of EVs. Moreover, Level 3 and 4 vehicles, once expected to be on the road by 2022, have been pushed back several years. So, several companies have decided to divest their AV programs and shift funds and resources to EV production.  

Car Workshop Safety Precautions in UAE

You and your family may find that your vehicles are driven far less frequently in the future as more states introduce shelter-in-place orders. And, to a greater extent, more businesses encourage their employees to work from home. Despite the fact, if cars are left abandoned for long periods, this can negatively impact the reliability and, possibly, the safety of the cars.

Many repair shops have taken adequate measures to stay open during the pandemic. The company uses protective gloves and masks while working on customer cars and disinfects steering wheels and shift knobs before returning them. There are also companies which will pick up customers’ cars from their homes or offices so that they are serviced without needing to visit the shop. There is a possibility that demand will continue after COVID-19 as customers may prefer it as it is more convenient.

Service Repairs and Maintenance at PitStopArabia in Pandemic

With PitStopArabia Auto service center Dubai, you can count on their expert mechanics to do the job right the first time. They can handle all kinds of car repairs and services, including oil changes, tire purchases, and brake repairs. 

In the light of the current health crisis, their team has been taking active measures to contain the spread of COVID-19. As a company, they are committed to delivering services healthily and safely for their customers and employees. PSA takes extra precautions to ensure there is no interruption in their repair services during the Coronavirus outbreak, including but not limited to:

They are implementing the following preventive measures in their shops, all around the UAE:

  • Lobby and waiting areas are disinfected extra frequently, at least five times per day.
  • It is important to disinfect high use areas such as reception desks, reception seating areas, refreshment areas, door handles, restrooms, etc. after each exposure and use.
  • During vehicle handling, staff will use gloves and throw them away after each vehicle. 
  • When technicians perform repairs on vehicles and touch each vehicle, they wash their hands immediately.
  • Every time the instruments and equipment are used, they should be disinfected.
  • Every vehicle should be cleaned and sanitized after being touched or worked on.
  • There is an automatic dispenser of hand sanitizer in the lobby area for the convenience of staff and customers.
  • The restroom is equipped with soap so that customers can wash their hands.
  • Clean and disinfect public areas every night, including lobby areas, shops, and other high-traffic areas.

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