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Basic Things to Know About Crypto Markets

Basic Things to Know About Crypto Markets

The cryptocurrency market is one of the most attractive in terms of investments. It is due to its high volatility and the opportunity to make a fortune just from a small initial investment. However, it is also a disadvantage of this marker, for it brings increased risks to investors.

The reasons why cryptocurrency prices are highly volatile:

● The crypto market is still emerging.

● There is no central authority to regulate it.

● It depends on the demand and supply balance.

● It is susceptible to the news background.

● It lives through waves of up and down trends.

● It is subject to hacker attacks.

Crypto markets are presented in the form of traded crypto pairs. Every crypto exchange offers different markets, but the most popular crypto pairs are traded throughout all platforms. Looking at crypto markets, you can see if it is growing or dropping and their dynamics.


Where to Get the Current Crypto Exchange Rate?

If you want to stay informed about the latest crypto market trends, you can use the CoinMarketCap website. This resource provides rankings of various crypto projects, along with their coins and tokens, and displays real-time information on prices, market capitalization, trade volume, charts, and more. For those looking to start trading crypto, the WhiteBIT crypto exchange is a reliable option. This platform is a legitimate service operating under European jurisdiction and boasts over 2 million active clients. To ensure a stable and secure environment for its users, WhiteBIT complies with all necessary regulations. Users looking to access advanced trading tools and unlimited withdrawals will need to pass a KYC verification process, which typically takes just a few days.


How to Work on Crypto Markets?

First, you need to open an order – the position on buying crypto assets. You can make it on the spot market, use a p2p exchange, margin, or futures. Each of the markets has its own strategies. Beginner traders are not recommended to start with margin or futures trading strategies, for they are the riskiest. You better begin with trading on the spot market, and after a half year of experience, try margin trading, for example, with the minimum leverage ratio.

The easiest way to buy digital assets is a crypto converter. Every large platform offers this tool, allowing buying crypto assets in a few clicks. You can practice all these markets using a demo account on the WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange. You can experiment with different strategies without fear of losing real money. Demo tokens cannot be deposited or lost.

On the WhiteBIT blog, you will find more information on crypto trading and markets, learn to analyze crypto prices, and handle the most advanced trading tools.