December 9, 2022


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Best Fancy Fireworks of 2020 that You Need to Buy Online on this Diwali

Best Fancy Fireworks of 2020 that You Need to Buy Online on this Diwali

Buy crackers online from reputed brands like Crackers India and acquire the maximum benefit of this Diwali fireworks. Today in our blog, we will check out the top Sivakasi fireworks most preferred in 2020 Diwali in-depth.

One Bad Mother

The type of fireworks holds features that everyone loves. It has fastened three-shot finales with massive sixteen shot multi blooming gold willow crackling flowers. Each shot moves up to 150 to 200 feet and can break 100 to 150 feet wide. The type of fireworks is recognized and preferred by most of them for their label, quality, and performance.


Gorilla Warfare

When you start igniting Gorilla Warfare, the sky will be sure under attack. The colorful and attractive white, blue, and red glitter sky explosions ignite into booms and settle down with delight. This never fails to please you during any occasion or celebration.


Artillery Shells

The fireworks of this type in 2020 are said to be the top-selling firecrackers online, and the shells have more than 60g charge and best preferred for their thunderous breaks, massive, vibrant colors, and their quality. The artillery shells from crackers India is simply the best-preferred fireworks of 2020.


Hot Dog

As per the crackers’ name, they are the most preferred fireworks for this Diwali in the market. The serious and cute label contains mines of 16 shots that get breaks to brown color brocades. The filled light on the sky provides a pleasant treat to the human eye.


New Folds of Honor Cake

There are a lot of reasons why every love this fantastic firework. The solid blue, white, and solid red color produced from this firework features 16 shots. You will start getting a more significant number of crackers online once you begin igniting these new folds of honor cake on this Diwali.


Loyal to None

Most of the person’s favorite fireworks list contains Loyal to None crackers. They provide an exciting feel when lighting the crackers, and this features 33 shots and this cracker last for more than a minute. The fireworks are developed in various colors with unique and attractive effect to make all happy and joyful.


Zeus Fluorescent Shells

This type of fireworks falls under the gift option, and you can buy crackers online of this type with crackers India. The shells produce different colors when the firecrackers are ignited. There are canister, triple, double, and single shells to choose your favorite one.


Bite your Tushy

There are six different bright colors included in this type of fireworks, and when burst higher in the sky, you can explore the screaming tail, which is too pleasant to your eyes. The fireworks are a great value and performing fireworks with a total of 24 shots, and these crackers last for more than a minute.


Chasing Booty

Many of them have added this firework to their favorite fireworks list since 2016. The fireworks are designed in multiple attractive colors, different effects, and 24 shots to provide a pleasing feel to the users.

Do you find your favorite fireworks missing on the list? No worries, contact the best fireworks shopping online website, crackersindia, to get them at a reasonable price.