Mon. May 10th, 2021

Busting the Most Common Hurricane Impact Window Myths

Busting the Most Common Hurricane Impact Window Myths
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Hurricane impact windows have a host of benefits. They are sturdier than regular windows, can withstand strong winds and projectiles flying with them. They are also your savior in case someone wants to intrude on your property when you are away or not expecting anyone. With such capabilities, you may expect them to be nothing like windows, if at all, right? If you think so, you are not alone. At the same time, you are wrong.

Let’s discuss some of the most commonly followed misconceptions about hurricane impact windows in Broward, and why they are not accurate at all.

Impact Windows Are Not Appealing to the Eyes

It’s very commonly perceived that impact windows are not that attractive. However, that is not completely true. The fact is that impact windows look like regular windows from a distance. Even from up close they only look more sophisticated, but never ugly. For those living in hurricane-prone areas, these windows are any day a better and more secure alternative for window shutters.

Impact Windows Don’t Come with Design Choices

Contrary to what people think, hurricane impact windows Broward come in all kinds of window styles and sizes. You can choose them based on the materials they are made of, the agility they have, or the sizes you like. The most popular materials among those living in coastal areas are aluminum panes, fiberglass, and layers of vinyl between them.

Impact Windows Are Too Big to Fit in Your Home

Several people also believe that impact windows are either too bulky or too heavy to fit inside their homes. However, there is very little difference between regular windows and impact windows in terms of bulkiness. When you fit them, you cannot tell the difference from either side. Moreover, these windows are not heavy at all. There are indeed extra layers of glass and vinyl, but those add more to the security of your home than to the weight of the windows. Besides, these windows look way more sophisticated, enhancing the face value of your property.

Hurricane Impact Windows Are for Storms Only

The idea for hurricane impact windows was developed to protect homes from hurricane carnage. However, these windows deliver much more than that. Besides hurricane protection, impact windows can:

  • Keep your home secured from unwanted intruders and burglars
  • Cut down the effect of harmful UV rays
  • Significantly reduce the noise levels from the outside; though these do not completely cut off the noise
  • Keep your indoors insulated, which helps maintain a constant temperature, which reduces energy bills

Impact Windows Will Break Your Budget

When you install windows that have so many safety and energy features, you will expect them to be costlier. These windows definitely cost twice as much as regular windows, and more. However, when you consider their long life, reduced need for upkeep, preventing damage to windows and even your furniture indoors, and the energy savings you make with them, you will find this cost to be a more reasonable option. Installing them will increase your savings in the future, not go heavy on them. To know more about hurricane impact windows and their utility in Broward, speak with your impact windows installation expert today.