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7 Exotic Flowers That are Perfect for Gifting and Decorating !!

There are several kinds of attractive blossoms to best suit any event. Furthermore, according to your taste, you will pick the best outlandish blossoms for whatever reason you may require, may it be decorating or for gifting. For instance: at somebody’s birthday, you might need to pick a bunch of roses that the dear one would love to have. In this article, we will have some different flowers that you can order flowers online.

Blossoms are generally a part of many human occasions like surprise parties, birthday celebrations, weddings, and numerous different events. With enormous assortments of blooms to look over, however, have you ever wondered, giving the costliest blossom to your friends and family? Do you know the most expensive blossoms on the planet? At that point, if you have no clue, continue reading to know what are some most costly blossoms on the earth that you can use in your home or for gifting.

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Kinabalu Orchid 

This blossom has a striking, brilliant red appearance, only grown in South Africa, and some of the pieces in Asia. Its petals are special, which develop in long ringlets shape that change shading over the tip of the blossom. The leaves of this plant can grow to an extraordinary two meters in length, making it big in size. 

The Kinabalu orchid is also known for its medical uses in a few functions. But majorly, it’s harmful and causes skin disturbance. A normal Kinabalu Orchid bloom can go from Rs. 500 to Rs.700.



The peony blossoms have a fantastic, bulb-like appearance and fantastic fragrance, making them a well-known pick for weddings, showers, and different occasions. When you see these flowers in front of you, they will look nearly as beautiful cotton balls that grow in a group of shrub-like plants. 

They are fragile and cost up to Rs. 500 a stem, making an expensive bunch purchase. The high cost of the flowers doesn’t stop their reputation, in any case, as they are one of the more frequently bought blooms on the planet.


Gloriosa Bloom 

The gloriosa bloom is recognized as the most costly blossom in the world. This flower is majorly grown in Madagascar is so costly; no other blossom can beat the position of this bloom.  Like Cactus, it has similar roots, and every single gloriosa bloom has a short life expectancy and can only bloom at night.  

Despite this, the gloriosa bloom is praised worldwide for its stunning beautiful appearance. Unfortunately, the best way to experience this delightful blossom is through its fragrance. A person has to buy a container of gloriosa perfume. There are just two kinds of gloriosa blossom you will discover in Madagascar, Epiphyllum Hookeri, and the other is Epiphyllum.



Miltonias are also called as a Pansy Orchid sometimes. There are about ten types of species and are mostly found in South-Africa; they are warm-climate blossoms. And have numerous hybrids with superb aroma; therefore, the Miltona is known as a fragrant bloom in the list of exotic flowers. These blossoms will add a great tangible feel to your environment, whether someone send flowers to Pune online to you or if you have purchased it. And there is no doubt that their fragrance is very satisfying to the eye.



Another colorful and exotic bloom found in the world is the hibiscus or rosemallow, which is famously called gumamela. The hibiscus is a popular fancy plant that has splendid colors. These five-petaled blossoms come in red, yellow, pink, purple, white, orange, and various other hue blends. Besides, being an expensive flower grows in a lot of gardens and generally found across many nations. Additionally, the hibiscus flower is a therapeutic plant. The leaves of these blossoms are used to treat headaches, fever, high blood pressure, UTI, cerebral pains, expanding, bronchitis, dysentery, and other basic diseases.



Tulips are a flower that indicates the starting of the spring. These vivid little blooms are very easy to grow inside your home. Like many other flowers, they are also accessible with a wide assortment of shades and styles. A few flower experts have stated that daffodils are the most reliable blossoms. Believe us, tulips are always the most loved among numerous plant experts since it is perhaps the simplest plant to grow in a home garden.



Dracaena also called a mythical beast’s plant, is a fascinating bloom to know. That neither requires ordinary watering nor a lot of light. It’s an illustration of energy and thriving. These fascinating bloom may live up to one to two years. It is an ideal present if you go with flower delivery in Delhi for yourself or a friend or relative who doesn’t have that much energy for planting, yet couldn’t imagine anything better than to have a delightful nursery. Anyway, your dear ones will love to have a garden full of these exquisite and interesting flowers. So these are some best flowers that you can give to your dear who like flowers for decorating and gifting.