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Different Styles of Women’s Jeans In Trend: Everything You Need to Know!

Different Styles of Women's Jeans In Trend

A pair of jeans is undoubtedly the most essential piece of clothing in our wardrobe. Despite where you are from, it has maintained its consistency across the globe, in every social and cultural background. If you look at it from a unique perspective, you might as well consider the pair of jeans you prefer wearing most of the time as your second skin. The reason we use this clothing so much is due to the comfort it provides, and its perfect fitting.

Yet, you will observe that you cannot resist the temptations of getting a new pair of jeans for yourself, whenever you are in a mood to binge shop. This happens to most of us very often, and the primary reason behind this is the diversity of jeans available in the market. Therefore, the important factor is not when we plan on wearing our new purchase. It often happens that we preserve them in our cupboard with the tags sticking out of them for months. The fun lies in buying them, for life is too limited to spend it throughout, wearing the same type of denim. So, the next time one is on a shopping spree, they can experiment with the sixteen types of forever-trendy jeans for women.


1)- Skinny Jeans

There is no point in denying that nearly most of us own a pair of black, skinny jeans in our wardrobe, that go perfectly with any kind of outfit, for any given occasion. Undeniably, it is our favorite piece of denim. As the name suggests, upon wearing a pair of skinny jeans, it snuggles you as it hugs your skin. If you are sure about your waist size and your fit, you can also buy women’s jeans online and get a good deal for yourself.

Typically, pants made of jeans are manufactured in multiple cuts and are often quite stretchy. So, one can choose the product as per their choice. There is no reason for one to not go for skinny jeans if they wish to flaunt their legs and are comfortable in their skin.


2)- Boyfriend Jeans

It surely does not imply wearing one’s boyfriend’s jeans. The main idea behind this category of jeans is to make the denim appear loose and baggy on the one wearing it, giving the impression that one is wearing their boyfriend’s jeans. These jeans loosen down on the legs while being tighter around the hips. These jeans are ideal for women who have thicker thighs. If one is shorter than usual, it is advisable to go for a different type, because it will make one look even shorter.


3)- Straight or Cigarette Jeans

Did you know there is now an alternative for work pants? Well, it is none other than the cigarette jeans. These are narrow, straight, and very well flattering. The distinguishing feature of cigarette jeans from regular skinny jeans is that they do not cover the ankles, and fall slightly above them. The straight or cigarette jeans are meant for the perfect fit of women who wish to flaunt their curves.


4)- Boot Cut Jeans

In 2017, there was a comeback of the sixties and seventies fashion of jeans. The remarkable fact about the boot cut jeans is that it perfectly suits all types of bodies. But what is more interesting and attractive about these jeans is that they make one look taller than their original height. The disfigured look of these jeans comes from the denim being wider at the bottom. For a more distinguished look, one can wear their boot cut jeans with a pair of high heels.


5)- Flare Jeans

If you want to give your wardrobe a vintage look, the flare jeans are an old age style you should carry. The flare jeans for women resemble boot cut ones in certain aspects. It has a wide opening from the knees to the ankles, at the bottom. Above the knees, the jeans have a properly tight-fitting, so that the flare is prominently visible. One can acquire the on-point vintage look by pairing their flare jeans with a turtleneck sweater.


6)- Jeggings

Jeggings are for sure the piece of clothing that provides supreme comfort to the bottoms. Jeggings are nothing but leggings in denim. They stretch, are comfortable to wear, and are a perfect fit for one’s fashion sense. They have a waistband in place of the regular zips and buttons, and they follow the same rule as leggings. These jeans for women can be worn effortlessly, with the best jean twist added to one’s regular jeans.


7)- Low Rise Jeans

Low-waist jeans are also known as low-rise jeans, which with a storm hut the fashion street. There was everywhere before one could comprehend. If you have a well-defined waist, these jeans look especially good on them. They start only a few inches below your belly button. While you are choosing your preferred pair of jeans, you will notice that low-rise jeans are called a subcategory of jeans.


8)- High-Waist Jeans

High-waist jeans were the fashion trend of women’s jeans in 2018. For bottom apparel, with bralettes and crop tops so much in fashion, high-waisted jeans became everyone’s first choice. This category of jeans for girls covers belly fat and fits one’s natural waistline. No wonder high waist jeans would look better on anyone who wears them.


9)- Capri Jeans

Capri Jeans, as believed by many, are not meant solely for kids. It is all about learning how to properly style a pair of these. The most contemporary and style denim method of beating the unpleasant summer heat is using Capri jeans. Now, you can go carefree and flaunt their pretty legs with the perfect styling.


10)- Ripped Jeans

If you wish to make your jeans high-fashioned, despite how odd it may sound, the new way is to go for patchwork. For this, you can purchase the patchwork jeans or temporarily pin the patches and DIY a pair of old jeans. You can also glue them, or stitch them to their denim. Despite the method you choose, there is no doubt that you will fall in love with the outcome or the end result.


11)- Patch Work Jeans

If you wish to make your jeans high-fashioned, despite how odd it may sound, the new way is to go for patchwork. For this, you can purchase the patchwork jeans or temporarily pin the patches and DIY a pair of old jeans. You can also glue them, or stitch them to their denim. Despite the method you choose, there is no doubt that you will fall in love with the outcome or the end result.


12)- Shiny Jeans

Girls can opt for the new trend of shiny jeans for the perfect party night. You can break the stereotypes of the normal jeans being only faded and dark with these shiny jeans. A considerable amount of shine is radiated due to the fabric used in its manufacturing. You can be prepared with just one piece of apparel to take on the night. The outfit can be toned down with your favorite basic tops.


13)- Button-up Side-Slit Tape Jeans

This 2018 trend may come off as extremely odd, but it still managed to take Instagram by a storm. These jeans are solid in bulk by all clothing websites. At the same time, they look very casual and high fashion. Anybody would be in love with the new jeans for women’s trends.


14)- Crochet Jeans

The charming crochet and lace jeans look typically delicate and feminine. For summer parties or a Sunday brunch, the crochet jean works out as the most ideal outfit. This is mainly for the women who want something new and different, as it is the best type of jeans stitched on the classic denim material.


15)- Overall Jeans

Suspenders or overalls are no longer meant to be worn only by children. The denim wardrobe of women has been spiced up after the nineties fashion made its way into it. You can pair these jeans with any bralette, crop top, or contrasting top. There are countless options for these kinds of outfits. If you are looking forward to an easier and comfortable clothing choice, overall jeans are the answer.


16)- Jogger Jeans

Last, but not the least, the jogger jean is by far the most comfortable pair of them. If you were wondering, it indeed is a new fashion statement. They ought to be the perfect category of jeans in the women’s section. There can be no pair more correct than Jogger jeans.

Therefore, the next time you are out in search of a new pair of denim, you can opt from the aforementioned beautiful trends in style. Be it non-branded or branded, get one that matches your body type and fits you well. All that is left to do now is to experiment with various styles.