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Which Style of Wedding Dress Is Good for You?

Which Style of Wedding Dress Is Good for You

Wearing the perfect wedding dress at your wedding is a factor of many things. One of which is finding the dress style that is good for you. However, many brides have wedding dress style ideas that need some changes to get the best. So which style of wedding dress is good for you? We put together our expert advice as a bridal gown brand and spoke to some experts to find answers. You’ll find what you need to know about choosing the right wedding dress style and more in the paragraphs below.

Hips and Thighs

Finding a style that complements your hips and thighs depends on what you want to do with yours. If you’d like to hide your hips, it’s best to go for flared pants. Wearing a tight dress will draw attention to your hips and thighs, so you should probably avoid that.

Tight dresses are, however, good for brides who want to get a curvier look. This is also a great idea if you have a less defined waistline. A tight dress will display your wider hips, giving you that perfect curvy bride look.


The Style for Bustier Brides

If you’re a bride gifted with a large chest, you’ll need a style with some support to look your best. Dresses with low backs will not offer you this sufficiently. Instead, you can look for dresses with sweetheart, V-necks, and illusion necklines.

Off-shoulder wedding dresses can also be great if you work with the right proportions. However, if you want to avoid drawing attention to your chest, you should choose something else. We advise getting a custom-made dress, as this allows you to find a neckline perfect for your wishes.


When You Have A Small Bust

On the other hand, brides with small busts tend to want to add more body to their chest. In this case, go for a design with more details and lower necklines. Draw attention to your chest by emphasizing the lines to get an appearance that looks larger.

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The Style for Looking Taller

For brides who want to add height to their stature, avoid a tulle gown that reaches the floor. Vertical details like slits and pleats can give you a taller look. A high neckline with many accessories can also aid in drawing attention to the upper part of your body.

Pantsuits are always a good idea if you want to look taller. The vertical seams have a way of adding some inches to your stature. You can also apply the tip of accessorizing your top half here to direct your eyes upward, making you look even taller.


Showcasing Your Height

For tall brides who want to showcase their height, you should go for hemlines that hit your ankle. Tall women always look fabulous with the tremendous volume of a ball gown, so you can try that. Ankle-length dresses will also make it easier to highlight your bridal shops.


What to Do with Your Hands

Have you ever noticed how Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and Cher always perform in those fishnet stockings? Those comfortable fabrics work well in covering your arms and giving them a trim silhouette if that’s what you need. Illusion fabrics are perfect for brides who want to hide their arms.

What to Do with Your Hands

Five Popular Wedding Dress Silhouettes and Who They Work For

No matter your shape or size, there are five wedding dress silhouettes that are popular. They’ll be suggested by experts depending on your shape, as they can often display your greatest features. We list these five favorite silhouettes below.


A-Line or Princess Wedding Dress

This wedding dress style is simple and elegant. Plus, it looks great on most brides. It has a defined waist and then flares loosely from that point to the floor. A-line wedding dresses can be above-the-knee or floor-sweeping. It also comes in a variety of fabrics.

Since this dress silhouette is flattering, it works well for brides of all shapes and sizes. It can disguise a fuller half for brides who want to look slender. While in the same line giving the impression of curves for brides with straighter figures.


The Empire Wedding Dress

A wedding dress with an empire silhouette has a high waistline that rests below the bust. The gown then drapes from there and can be flared out or fitted to your figure. Using the right fabric for your empire wedding dress can give a romantic air.

The empire wedding dress is great for a bride that wants to draw attention to her breast. It also provides full coverage for brides with larger busts. Expectant mothers love this dress for its ample room in the midsection, but it’s also great for ladies with a pear shape.


The Column/Sheath Wedding Dress

A Sheath wedding dress is slender and falls from top to bottom vertically. People also know this dress silhouette for the close fit that it gives to the body. The look of this dress depends on the fabric used, as it can be unstructured with a lightweight fabric or substantial with something heavier.

While the column wedding dress might look great for a slim bride, it isn’t very forgiving generally. It does not conceal any imperfections but can help smaller brides to look longer. This dress can also be highly constricting and limit your ability to dance on your wedding day.


The Ball Gown Wedding Dress

The ball gown wedding dress can look like it’s straight from a fairy tale. That’s why brides having a traditional wedding tend to choose this style. You can even add more wow factor to this dress by using long gloves and a dramatic train.

Many brides will look great in a ball gown wedding dress. It is, however, most flattering on brides that are tall and thin. Women with the pear body shape also look great in this since it has a voluminous skirt that draws attention to the narrow part of their body.

Brides also love the ball gown wedding dress because it highlights the waist. This can be great for brides who want to showcase an hourglass figure. However, petite ladies might want to avoid this style as it could easily overwhelm their frame.


The Mermaid Wedding Dress

The mermaid wedding dress silhouette is the most seductive style on our list. This dress fits closely from your bust to your knee and then flares out to your hem. It can also have a halter neck or be strapless, depending on your choice.

The mermaid wedding dress is perfect for brides who are not afraid to show off their curves. It works for brides who are tall, petite, or slim. If you’re a curvy bride, you could also look amazing in this dress as it flatters the curves.


In Conclusion

The best way to find which style of wedding dress is good for you is to pay attention to your physique. In this article, we have highlighted the details to pay attention to and also listed some great styles you can try out. Please keep in mind that finding a dress in the right size is also important. Best of luck!