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Different Types of Men’s Suit Around the World

Different Types of Men’s Suit Around the World

The suit, which has its roots in Western culture but is worn worldwide, is an essential menswear piece. A jacket with lapels, buttons, and matching pants makes up the standard suit. It can be part of a casualwear ensemble, the foundation of business casual attire, or a must for a formal event depending on the fabric, the cut, and the color.

If you’re unfamiliar with suits, you might be shocked to hear that there’s more to them than just a jacket and pants. The cut of the fabric and the number of buttons, for example, can significantly alter how a suit appears and how it feels when worn. Regarding men’s suits, trends come and go, but a good sense of style lasts a lifetime. On that note, the following part lists standard men’s suits that are highly popular across the globe.


1.     Slim Fit Suit

Slim Fit Suit

If you can only buy one suit, make it a slim-cut blue suit with two buttons and a notch lapel; it’s the tailoring equal to the LBD. Nothing else will be more practical for your needs. For each formal occasion, from weddings to job interviews to court appearances, these men’s suits got you covered.

This is especially true if you wear a mid-weight fabric (11–12oz) that may be worn throughout the year. The slim-fit suit is flattering on all body types. You can still feel confident in your appearance without worrying about a skintight fit that draws attention to imperfections (and not just your pecs).


2.     Classic Fit Suit

A classic fit suit is exactly what it sounds like: a suit cut in a way that will never go out of style but won’t set the world on fire either. Light grey is more relaxed and summery, while black is more formal. Wearing navy blue will give you the most options for any time of year.

You should pick a versatile color and material. Also, avoid patterns like a swarm of cashmere-eating moths until you have established a solid suit wardrobe. Your coworkers and clients will not notice if you wear the same navy or grey suit twice or thrice a week. In contrast, nobody would notice if you repeat a Prince of Wales check.


3.     Modern Fit Suit

Modern Fit Suit

This is the classic cut of today’s suit, and it is slim and classic, like the cream filling in an Oreo cookie. If you’re not quite ready to commit to the skinny fit but want to look polished and put together, this is the perfect suit.

But don’t let a high “Super” number (which indicates the quality of the material) fool you. Even though the word “super” may make you think of something unique, the increased likelihood of wrinkles will make these clothes unusable for everyday wear.

Remember, to be fine is to be delicate. If this is your first and only suit, you will probably wear it out in months. Instead, spend roughly $100 for a good balance between price and longevity when shopping for this outfit.


4.     Unstructured Blazer

It’s essential to consider the quality of construction when looking for “it” suits. In addition to removing the sweat-inducing insulation of padding and linings, slightly unstructured blazers also speak more to the Riviera spirit of summer, as do earth and pastel tones, which always look excellent next to tanned skin.

Staying cool in hot weather isn’t only about wearing the appropriate suit but also picking suitable fabrics. Ultralight open-weave linen, seersucker, or hopsack are considerably superior to crease-resistant fabrics like twill and artificial fibers because they allow more air to circulate throughout the garment.


5.     Notch Lapel

This type of lapel is known as a “notch” because of the depression or notch at the point where the collar joins the lapel. This men’s suit style is more formal, yet it’s appropriate for just about anything. The notch lapel is the most frequent and common on single-breasted suit coats.


6.     Shawl Lapel

Even if you only get one black-tie invitation a year, that number will get steadily larger as the years’ pass. And when they do, it’s always for something you want to put your best foot forward for: a fancy office party, a wedding, or finally getting that Best Actor Oscar nomination you’ve been waiting for. Wear a shawl lapel suit when the occasion calls for it. Only the most formal attire features these accessories.


7.     Peak Lapel

The peak lapel is your best bet if you’re looking for something less fancy than a shawl lapel. You’ll see men in these stylish suits at formal events like black-tie weddings. And if the party invitation doesn’t specify a dress code, you can still wear your best “black tie creative” dinner suit. For a casual look, pair the jacket with jeans and a t-shirt for a night on the town if it is slim and somewhat shorter than your usual jacket.


8.     Single-Breasted Suit

Single-Breasted Suit

One of the few suits every man should have, the single-breasted suit is a timeless classic. It is more minimal and contemporary because it has only one row of buttons along the front, as opposed to two (or three if we’re going for a 1930s look) on the double-breasted suit. Typically but not usually accompanied by a notch lapel, single-breasted suits have one, two, or three buttons down the center of the front seam in a straight line.


9.     Double-Breasted Suit

Fashion manuals often suggest lightweight khaki cotton suits during the warmer months. Instead, now is the moment to argue for a subdued, double-breasted style of the suit as your secret weapon, such as a dark grey that’s almost black or a navy that’s nearly midnight blue, perhaps in a fabric with a bit of gloss mohair, and with peak lapels.

You can add a black double-breasted suit to your regular wardrobe rotation. This jacket has the proper shape, sheen, and crisp lapels to make you feel confident and put together. This is especially suitable when you need to wear a suit but don’t want to seem like you stepped out of an office, like for cocktail attire invitations or weddings. However, ensure the jacket fits well and isn’t too lengthy.

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Final Thought

Finally, unless you often wear suits and pride yourself on being on the cutting edge of style, you should avoid following fads. These days, slim-cut suits are all the rage, as are mafia-inspired patterns and retro details. Use the style if you like it, but don’t let fashion dictate how you dress. You can get a lot out of a suit if your body doesn’t change much throughout the years.