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Don’t Let Insurance Companies Deny Your Claim – Here’s What to Do

Car accidents can lead to life-changing experiences. These injuries can be either threatening to your life or cause some permanent disabilities if not treated in time. Even if your injuries are not as severe, you could still be entitled to a cash settlement. However, if you don’t go to the doctor within 14 days, you forfeit your $10,000 Personal Injury Protection benefits and risk devaluing the insurance claim.

This is just one of the examples of how insurance companies can deprive you of a personal injury claim, even when your injury is absolutely genuine. There are many clauses that anyone can miss in an insurance policy that can be quite tricky. You have to follow and understand them step by step. Missing either of them can jeopardize your rights on the insurance claim. You can also hire a personal injury lawyer who will guide you to successfully claiming compensation from the insurance company.

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So, what are the most common reasons that lead Americans to lose their claim over insurance? Let’s discuss.

Failure to Pay Premiums

If it’s your insurance policy that you filed the claim through, make sure to continue paying all the premiums on time. If you don’t pay them, your insurance policy will lapse. Setting up automatic payments can help you stay current on your payments.


No Demand Letter Produced

You have to produce a demand letter stating everything that led you to file for a claim. This is a formal request letter that your attorney drafts which goes out with every insurance claim. If you do not file it, your claim may not reach your hands for a while.


No Formal Complaint Filed

As an accident victim, you are expected to file a police complaint as soon as possible. If you delay it or don’t do it at all, you will lose your claim over insurance. Even if you don’t you would be looking at a long legal battle with the insurance company, with most odds on their side.


No Medical Assistance Sought

You also must seek medical attention immediately. By delaying it, you will give the impression that perhaps you weren’t injured much to require medical attention at all. This can lead to your claim getting denied. Even if your injury isn’t too serious, start getting appropriate treatment as soon as you can.

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All Documents Not Collected

A person claiming for insurance has to produce every document that is related to the injury. That includes testimonies of witnesses, pieces of evidence (including photographs), police reports, medical reports, copy of the complaint, and more. The insurance company will also update you if they need any other particular document as well. You have to collect them all, failing which they can deny your claim.

You do not have to stop right here. Insurance companies will always try their best to keep you running around. They may offer an initial settlement, which will be lower than what you deserve. They already know how much pain you are in and what you wouldn’t do to get past it. You may want to accept their offer, but don’t do it! Instead, hire an experienced personal injury attorney in your city. Your attorney will take things up with the insurance company from thereon.

Always make sure that your attorney knows everything that you do. Their expertise in similar cases will be important, as will be their interpersonal skills, which will be crucial to winning you fair compensation.