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Exploring How Canadians Spend Time Online

In the internet, Canadians immerse themselves in a world of online activities. They captivate their curiosity and connect them with the wider world. In this article, we’ll dive into the fascinating realm of how people spend their time online. Let’s explore diverse and captivating experiences.


Communication and Connection: Email, the Digital Lifeline (84%)

For Canadians, email serves as a vital tool for communication. They are allowing them to stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues. Whether it’s sharing stories, making plans, or keeping in touch. Email provides a versatile means of staying connected with loved ones at the click of a button.


Banking Made Easy: Empowering Financial Management (63%)

Online banking has revolutionized the way Canadians manage their finances. With the convenience and security it offers, they can check balances and make transactions. So, they stay on top of their money anytime, anywhere. Online banking has become a popular choice for its accessibility and efficiency.


Social Media: Where Virtual Worlds Collide (58%)

Social media platforms have transformed into virtual universes. They help to connect with friends and explore the latest trends. From sharing moments to discovering new communities, social media has become an integral part of daily life. They provide a platform for self-expression and virtual connections.


News and Current Events: Staying Informed and Inspired (52%)

The internet serves as a treasure trove of news and information for Canadians. This is important for those who actively seek out the latest headlines and stay informed about current events. From local stories to global affairs, they satisfy their curiosity and broaden their horizons.

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Retail Therapy Online: Exploring the Digital Marketplace (46%)

Online shopping has gained popularity among Canadians. This is a convenient and exciting way to explore a vast array of products and indulge in retail therapy. From fashion finds to unique treasures, the digital marketplace provides endless possibilities. And all from the comfort of their own homes.


Entertainment Galore: Movies, Music, and Gaming (41%)

Movies, TV shows, and videos are a source of endless entertainment. A lot of Canadians enjoy streaming their favorite content online. They also immerse themselves in music, radio, and podcasts, which provide the soundtrack to their lives. Gaming and live online casino, with their immersive worlds and competitive spirit, attracts users. It captures their attention and allows them to connect with others in thrilling virtual adventures.



In the digital age, the internet has become a vibrant playground for Canadians. The online world offers a wide range of experiences that cater to their diverse interests and passions. From staying connected through email and social media to managing finances and staying informed, the online world empowers them with convenience and connectivity. Canadians embrace the digital realm as their destination for exploration, self-expression, and connection.