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Why Is Ocean Freight Better Than Other Freight Services?

Why Is Ocean Freight Better Than Other Freight Services?

Transportation and logistics services hold great significance for any business, whether be it small or big. It is crucial for any business looking to procure materials to deliver them to their customers. It helps connects companies to different suppliers and customers, resulting in one’s business growth.

The efficiency and increased speed via rail freight transport solutions help in gaining the trust of customers and support business owners to grow their businesses. They also help out in reaching out to places beyond the nation’s borders, besides providing logistical benefits for the safekeeping of the materials in places far from its operation.

There are 4 important types of freight services available for transporting goods, that are rail, road, air, and waterways freight. Out of these, rail freight is the most preferred option for business owners looking to transport their goods in large numbers. But why is it so? Why are they still in demand even after faster alternatives like airways? Let us find it out.


6 Reasons Why Ocean Freight Services Are Better Than Other Alternatives

Also referred to as freight forwarding, ocean freight services have been used since ancient times. Even today, ocean freight services are one of the most popular and preferred options for transporting goods. In fact, 90 per cent of goods are transported overseas through waterways on a daily basis. Let us know how it is beneficial from other modes of transportation.

1- Ocean Freight Is The Best Option For Transporting Large Volumes Of Goods

If your business requires you to transport a large volume of cargo overseas at a single time, then there is no better option than sea freight. The largest ships can carry up to 18000 containers at a time, providing a convenient and hassle-free transportation of goods. Business owners have to go through a lot of overspending on transporting large volumes of goods in batches via other modes. This results in delays as well as extra spending, which could have otherwise been used to expand the business.


2- They Can Fit Cargos Of Any Weight And Length

Being of a considerable big size, sea freight can fit cargo of varying lengths and weights. Furniture, appliances and other bigger items, including large-sized raw materials, can be easily transported overseas via waterways. Other modes of transport do not offer such benefits as they have lesser space to accommodate large-sized items. Unable to transport bigger goods is one of the biggest problems faced by most business owners.


3- Ocean Freight Services Are The Cheapest

Ocean freight offers the cheapest services, are the most economical mode of transport, and offers low rate ocean freight services Canada, especially for long distances. They are four to six times cheaper than other modes of transport, especially air freight, which are the costliest. Taking into consideration the convenience that sea freight offers in carrying large volumes of products at a time makes them one of the preferred transportation alternatives.


4- They Are A Sustainable Mode Of Transport

One interesting thing to note here is that waterways freight services are environment-friendly. They are more fuel efficient and provide the most carbon-efficient transportation. On the other hand, airways or roadway freight release harmful emissions that degrade the air quality, harming the environment. Ships release fewer emissions than trucks and planes. There are now ships released with new technologies that make the ships run on biofuels, impacting the environment significantly.


5- They Are A Safe Mode Of Transport

Talking about safety, water carriers are designed to carry hazardous cargo safely to their destination. This is the reason why they have fewer restrictions and limitations in carrying specific goods overseas. Waterways freight also experiences a lesser number of accidents on the way because of less congestion. For extra security, cargo is packed and sealed in containers called vessels.

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6- They Are More Efficient In Transporting Bulky Items

One of the biggest advantages of waterways freight is transporting heavy and bulky items. Several bulky items are refrained from getting transported from other modes due to the risks involved in it. But with sea freight, no such problems are faced by business owners, as the carriers are capable of carrying large loads without any problems. If you are looking to transport bulky items overseas to suppliers or customers, then sea freight will be an apt choice for you.



Ocean freight has a number of benefits over other modes of transport. It offers convenience at a reasonable rate without compromising the environment. It is almost impossible to ship bulky items via air or road due to their carrier size, but with huge ships, there are no such limitations on transporting goods. So, the next time when you require to send large volumes of products at reasonable rates, go for waterways freight services.