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FUE Hair Transplantation

My Hair Clinic is a very good quality FUE hair transplant center. As one of the not many facilities we offer you to have the counsel, extraction, structure and follow-up by Dr Hussain himself. With beyond what 14 years of experience you can be have confidence that you are in the best of hands with regards to getting your hair back.

MHC offers careful and clinical hair rebuilding. One size doesn’t fit all and we tailor every treatment to every patient. Because old enough, contributor hair accessibility, hair misfortune design, hair surface and quality we may prescribe one patient to have a hair transplant while another patient, with clearly a similar hair misfortune design, might be suggested clinical hair rebuilding.

We likewise offer clinical hair reclamation which may include at least one of the accompanying choices: PRP, finasteride, microneedling, minoxidil, cleanser and therapy of any fundamental ailment. Once more, it’s significant that every single treatment is custom fitted to the individual patient. Dose, impact and reactions must be observed to guarantee that the treatment convention for every patient is enhanced.

Notwithstanding which treatment is directly for you, it’s significant that you realize that you are in safe hands with My Hair Clinic. With 14 years of involvement with the field of hair rebuilding you can be have confidence that you are in safe hands and that we pay attention to your circumstance.

You can pick to have Dr Hussain as your principle contact individual all through the cycle: From conference, extraction, structure and development. On the off chance that you wish to have a more sensible medical procedure, at that point you can select to have the technique by one the specialists actually prepared by or verified by Dr Hussain to guarantee that they satisfy the necessary guideline.


FUE Hair Transplantation With Natural Results

Our attention is on conveying a great hair loss treatment or clinical hair reclamation with no trade off. In particular we need your hair to look characteristic so you can help your fearlessness without agonizing over individuals seeing that you have had a hair transplant. The pledge to greatness additionally implies that we are surely not as quick the same number of different centers.

Dr Hussain does one medical procedure for every day to commit his chance to every patient that is having a medical procedure. To guarantee the outcomes are regular, Dr Hussain utilizes uniquely crafted cuts to structure the hair and hairline. Mirroring the characteristic 3D course of your own hair we have united science and nature to make a hairline that you merit. A hairline and new hair that will change you and lift your certainty like nothing else. The best venture you can do in yourself.


My Hair Clinic in UK, Norway and Pakistan

We have branches in UK, Norway and Pakistan. We offer hair transplant medical procedure at a sensible cost at our center in Islamabad just a couple of hours travel from Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan and Peshawar. An excellent hair transplantation center could be nearer than you might suspect.



Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE, includes eliminating solid hair follicles straightforwardly from a giver zone on the scalp (generally at the rear of the head where the hair is copious) and embedding them onto the bare or diminishing regions.

Honestly, FUE isn’t advanced science. Notwithstanding, Picasso was not a scientific genius either. It’s what you think about the unions accessible that matters. It’s indispensable that the specialist and the group see how to store the unions to keep them from injury and low development. It’s essential that the unions are utilized accurately to amplify the inclusion and the corrective effect. Further, it’s significant that the hair transplant resembles your own regular, un-transplanted hair. While hair transplantation isn’t advanced science it requires an extraordinary comprehension of hair, hair development, regular hair examples, restrictions and conceivable outcomes with the accessible number of unions.

It’s similarly significant that the specialist additionally knows when not to play out a hair transplant. In spite of the fact that, hair transplantation should be possible on most patients it may not be the best answer for you.

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Nothing Beats Experience

Dr. Mohammad Mazhar Hussain began MY HAIR CLINIC in 2004, offering top notch FUE hair transplantation at a reasonable cost. With one center each in Nottingham, focal Oslo and Islamabad a FUE hair transplant at a sensible cost could be nearer than you might suspect.

He got his MD degree in 1994 from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark and has since worked in a few European nations. Dr Hussain was a functioning legislator and the primary Pakistani to be chosen as an individual from the Copenhagen County Council in Denmark. Dr. Hussain is conversant in Danish, English, Norwegian, Punjabi, Urdu and Hindi.

Dr. Hussain actually prepares or vets all staff to guarantee a high and uniform norm of hair transplant medical procedure at all areas of MY HAIR CLINIC. He likewise prepares visiting specialists in FUE hair transplantation. MY HAIR CLINIC is likely the main facility on the planet where 99% of the patients come going from abroad.