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Georgina Rodríguez Biography, Age, Net Worth, Nationality, Husband

Georgina Rodríguez Is a famous Spanish model, a celebrity and a social media influencer. She is popularly known as the wife of famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. She came in much limelight, when in October 2021, she highlighted that she is expecting a twins with her husband Cristiano Ronaldo. In this article we will tell you all the details about the Georgina Rodríguez biography, her age, her net worth, nationality, husband and much more.

Georgina Rodríguez was born on 27th January, 1994 and in 2023 she is 29 years old. She was born in Buenos Aires which is located in Argentina. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius and she follows Christianity. Currently she is living in Turin which is a beautiful city of Italy with her husband and their kids .

Georgina Rodríguez has completed her schooling from the Argentina and according to the sources she moved to London to complete her further studies in dancing and English. That makes us sure that she is an expert in Salsa dance form.


Georgina Rodríguez Physical appearance

Her height is 5 foot 6 inches approx and her weight is 54 kg. The eye color of Georgina Rodriguez is dark brown and her hair color is black. The length of her hair is medium she doesn’t have any tattoo in her body. Her shoe size is 6 US and she has a piercing in her ears. When it comes to the figure stats, she has a bomb shell figure of 36-38-37 inches.

Georgina is very close to her parents. Her father name is George Rodriguez who is a convicted cocaine trafficker and her mother name is Anna Maria Hernandez and she is a housewife. Her father is not in this world as he has passed away and she has sibling who is her sister. Her name is Ivana Rodriguez. Georgina Rodríguez’s sister Ivana is a model and a social media influencer and a social media star.

Georgina Rodriguez previous relationship was with Xavier Hernandez Pinario. His nickname was Javi. They both were in a relationship when Georgina is between 13 to 18 years of age. Currently Javi is not in any contact with his ex girlfriend Georgina. He is only in a contact with Georgina’s sister Ivana.


Georgina Rodríguez Hot & Sexy Photos


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Georgina Rodríguez, known for her striking beauty and association with football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Her Instagram account is a treasure trove of glamorous photos showcasing her fashion sense, family life, and exotic travels. Georgina Rodríguez photos capture her charisma and elegance, making her a style icon and social media sensation. Her journey from a humble background to international stardom is an inspiration to many.


Georgina Rodríguez Net Worth

The net worth of Georgiana Rodriguez is about $10 million. Her most of the money comes from the social media brand endorsement and social media influencing.

The age of Georgina Rodriguez is 29 years as of 2023. As her date of birth is January 27, 1994. Georgina came into spotlight when she & Ronaldo revealed about their relationship in 2018. She was featured in Harpers Bazaar Spain and also on the cover of the Women Health in Spain. Several other magazines named Love Magazine from Spain, VIP Magazine from Portugal, Nova Giante Magazine from Portugal, Lux Magazine from Italy and Diva E Donna Magazine from Italy. They have also featured Georgiana in their magazine cover.

Georgiana has almost 49.5 million followers on Instagram and 1.1 K followers on Twitter. Though she is not as rich as her husband Ronaldo but she is not poor in any other way. When Ronaldo has got allegations of sexual assault, she was the person who stood by her husband at that time. She also faced the heat from women’s right activist for standing up for her husband. She was also criticized on TV, Social Media and other platforms for her stand for her husband. She has a property in San Sebastian Spain and another property in Lisbon Portugal. The property of San Sebastian has a value of $7 million her Lisbon property have a value of 9 million dollar.

When it comes to the net worth of Georgina Rodríguez. Her net worth in 2023 is $13 million, in 2022 it was $12 million, in 2021 it was $11 million, in 2020 it was $10 million, in 2019 it was $9 million and back in 2018 the net worth of Georgina Rodriguez was $8 million.


Some facts about Georgina Rodriguez

  • In her spare time Georgina loves to do boating.
  • She loves to eat dessert.
  • Georgina mostly prefer juices to nourish her body.
  • She also have a massive collection of handbags and footwear.
  • Georgina also promotes hair care products on her social media.
  • Georgiana also loves to watch the football matches of her husband Ronaldo.
  • Georgina Rodriguez has also collaborated with the Vogue magazine to become the cover.
  • Georgina loves her family very much and she loves to go to amusement parks with her kids she loves to travel with two various places with her husband and her kids.



What is the net worth of Georgina Rodriguez?

The net worth of Georgina Rodriguez is 13 million US Dollar.

What’s the age of Georgina Rodriguez?

As she was born on January 27, 1994. Currently in 2023 her age is 29 years.

What is the physical appearance of Georgia?

Her height is 5 foot 6 inch. Her weight is 57KG and her figure is 38 – 26- 36.

What’s the hobby of Georgia?

She loves to watch her husband play and she also loves boating.

What is the name of Georgina Rodriguez partner?

George Gina Rodriguez was married to Cristiano Ronaldo back in 2017. Cristiano Ronaldo is a famous footballer with a net worth of more than $1 billion.

Can you tell some facts about Georgia?

Of course there are 3 facts of Georgiana Rodriguez which are not much known.

A- Her lucky number is 7. ( We think she loves her husband very much as the jersey number of Ronaldo is also 7 )

B- She has one child and she loves him the most.

C- She likes to go shopping as she has a massive collection of handbags and footwear in her wardrobe.

Where did George Anna Rodriguez born?

George Anna Rodriguez was born in Buenos Aires which is a city in Argentina. She was born in 27th January 1994.