October 8, 2022


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Give your OnePlus 9RT the care it needs; here’s how.

Give your OnePlus 9RT the care it needs; here's how
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It’s been almost two weeks since the OnePlus 9RT entered the Indian smartphone market. It’s still pretty much trending as this was one of the most awaited phones of this year. But here’s a concern for all; While the excitement of a new smartphone is justified, don’t these same phones require protection too?

Gadgetshieldz is here to provide your OnePlus 9RT with the care and protection it deserves and…that too at the most perfect time anybody could ask for! ‘Why’, you ask? Because three days right after OnePlus 9RT came out, Gadgetshieldz released mobile skins & wraps and screen guards and full-body device protectors for OnePlus 9RT, making them the first brand to do so! This was a very observant step taken by Gadgetshieldz because if you look closely, you’ll find that we stop taking care of our devices after a certain point in time, which further often leads to scratches and dust settling on our devices. Hence, when you apply protective gear for your device right after you buy your device, you quite literally insure your device from the said scratches and dust till you replace the phone.

One more thing to be noted about OnePlus 9RT is that it is quite a bit heavy phone, weighing in at approximately 200g (198.5g to be exact). So, if you apply a phone case on this device, it’ll only add up to the weight, making your device even heavier to carry. Now, now. We don’t want to tire our hands now, do we?


Here’s where we get back to discussing Gadgetshieldz.

Gadgetshieldz is widely known for its qualitative mobile skins, screen guards and full-body device protectors that provide full-time protection against scratches and dust without adding any impactable weight.

Oneplus skins are manufactured using the highest quality 3M Vinyl material and cut and tested thoroughly to ensure a perfect, snug fit throughout the device. Also, these mobile skins are extra-grippable and prevent scratches and dust. Moreover, there are no limits to customization as there’s an expansive collection of textures for you to choose from! Go for classy, minimalist looks with Fabrix, Wood, Stone, Metallic, Pixels, Matrix, Hive and Leather mobile skins or go subtly quirky with Camo, Sandstone, Carbon Fibre and Special Edition mobile wraps or just mix’em up! Gadgetshieldz has you covered!

The screenguard and full-body device protectors are perfect for those who do not want to falter the premium, sleek finish of the OnePlus 9RT and offer 360° protection to the device. These screen protectors are virtually invisible; once you apply the screen and/or the full-body protector on your device, you’ll be barely able to see the protective film. The most impressive part is that these are also self-healing; if you get scratches and fingerprints on your screenguard, the film surface will retain its original form in a small interval of time.

Yes, we all know OnePlus 9RT has Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on both back and screen, which are very good in helping your screens from cracking. But hairline scratches, fingerprints and grime are impossible to avoid, which further implies why you need to wrap your device with mobile wraps or screen guard and/or device surface protector film. You can find more detailed information about this in the article ‘Does Gorilla Glass need a Screen Protector?’by Gadgetshieldz!

In conclusion, people are busy showing off their OnePlus 9RT’s on the ‘gram to all friends and followers still because well, it’s new, fresh and one of the latest smartphones. But how long before you find it old, scratched up and full of abrasion? It’s a great flagship phone for the right price, let’s try to keep it as new as possible now, shall we?

Head over to Gadgetshieldz.com now and get yourself high-quality mobile skins and screen guard for your brand new OnePlus 9RT!

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