September 30, 2022


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How Guest Posts Boost Domain Authority and Page Authority Of A Website?

How Guest Posts Boost Domain Authority and Page Authority Of A Website?
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There are several ways you can promote your business online. One of the effective ways to reach your target audience is content marketing. Blogs, articles, and PR (Public Relation) are the fundamental mediums to promote content online. One of the effective tools for content marketing is guest blogging or guest posts that create a backlink on another website.

Content marketers use guest blogging as an effective tool that serves few of their purposes. Some of them are:

  • Driving traffic to the website
  • Create an external link on a relevant industry niche website
  • Brand Awareness and Credibility
  • Builds better relationships within the niche

Also, companies use guest post services to enhance their domain authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). Such services include writing a guest post and publishing them on another website with one or two backlinks in the content. These backlinks redirect the reader/user to the main website or internal page (whichever is linked in the anchor text).


External Linking And Its Relation With DA And PA:

External linking via guest post is directly related to the domain authority of the website. If the guest post is done on a relevant website with higher DA and PA, it will be beneficial for the business website. On the contrary, if the guest post is done on a website with low PA, DA, it will adversely affect the website health in the long term.

Apart from increasing the website’s technical value, guest posting is done to reach the potential audience in the niche. The content (post) has to attract the readers and make them visit the main website by clicking on the anchor text. The content should be meaningful and deliver real insights to the reader.

It is advised to check competitors’ backlinks to know on which platform they are posting and promoting their content. Many tools provide the list of websites/backlinks of the competitor where you can post your guest blog for a better external link profile.


Components Of A High-Quality Guest Blog:

As long as your content is relevant and answers the queries of the reader, it is a high-quality guest blog. Appropriate interlinking and meaningful context will attract readers leading to a low bounce rate of the content. It is a value addition for your website and gives a long-term benefit in terms of link juice. A few of the components of an effective guest blog are:

  • Rich Content: The blog should be well-researched, well-written, and engaging. The minimum use of keywords should be 2%.
  • Attractive Bio: Author bio is also mandatory and should have a keyword linked to the relevant landing page.
  • Internal Link: It is the clickable anchor text in the content that lands the user on a specific landing page.
  • Call to Action: Include a relevant call to action in the last. For example, “express your views in the comment box”, share on social profiles, etc.

Have you included the guest post in your content strategy? Connect with guest post service providers for a better strategy to link building and promotion.