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How Play-to-Earn Blockchain Gaming Works and Its Benefits

Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, or Cryptokitties are blockchain play-to-earn gaming segment that is astronomically increasing. The Crypto domain has carved a niche efficiently. P2E is an innovative gaming model, where players enjoy the game, but earn in-game assets and exchange them for real money. Players can trade NFTs or collect cryptos and earn extra income.

P2E blockchain games have revolutionized the online gaming sector by redefining the roles of developers and players. If you are a beginner then visit and learn more about P2E games and winning strategies.


About P2E Crypto Games

The main USP of P2E games is – players can earn cryptocurrency. It even means that if the earned cryptocurrency value increases, the players can become rich overnight. This is the motivation for players but how do P2E games work?

Players are rewarded in small cryptocurrency amounts via participation in contests, tasks, or other activities the game involves.


Developers Employ Two Approaches

Native cryptocurrency

The developers create their game’s personal native cryptocurrency. They design tokens, which are the same as in-game currency but possess real-world value. For example SAND from Sandbox, MANA from Decentraland, or AXS & SLP from Axie Infinity.


Existing cryptocurrencies

Another approach developers take is depending on existing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Dogecoin, etc. some of the games based on familiar cryptocurrencies are named after them like Bitcoin Pop, Bitcoin Tycoon, etc. Some games add the word crypto like Crypto Dragons, CryptoKitties, etc. Players directly get rewarded with established cryptocurrencies but the sum is tiny, so collecting a significant amount takes a longtime, but the monetization process is genuine.


P2E & NFTs

The non-fungible token is a virtual collectible asset available in different forms like characters, music, items, virtual land, skins, and more. NFTs are irreplaceable, unique assets, which cannot be duplicated on the blockchain or in gaming.


Benefits of Playing P2E Blockchain Games

  • Blockchain empowered – As the P2E games are blockchain technology-empowered, the in-game asset ownership including crypto coins to NFTs is secured. Unlike the ordinary online game, there is no fear of losing in-game collectibles if the server deletes them. Blockchain holds a unique ID for every in-game asset players buy, so no one can tamper with it without the player’s approval.
  • Earn & enjoy playing – You can earn real cash while paying. Exchange the in-game currency for NFT or other collectible items. Sell your in-game assets in the market and earn cryptocurrency.
  • Better gaming opportunities – P2E games have made way for new trends in the online gaming landscape. Thus, the scope of a huge project has been enhanced. Blockchain games introduce players to a new dimension associated with playing capacity. It is not just constrained to playing or a kind of leisure activity.
  • Lucrative – The P2E games offer money-earning opportunities to the developer and players alike. Developers create the games and earn more income as their P2E ecosystem expands, while the players earn revenue via in-game assets.
  • Create blockchain awareness – Blockchain gaming is growing popular. It has attracted players to blockchain applications and created awareness about its vast potential. So, the adoption of blockchain-based products has increased.

As the P2E ecosystem is progressing, it is making ways to fundamentally transforming the World Wide Web, the economy as well as the concept of shared reality.