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How Social Media are Revolutionizing iGaming?

Most casino operators are keen on seeing tech changes because this brings their customers an even better gaming experience. But what about transformations caused by the social media industry? Nowadays, there are many social media platforms, which are widely used by people of all ages. However, it seems that most of these tools are still not very iGaming-friendly. In the next couple of lines, we will try to present you how social media are revolutionizing the sector and what to expect in the next few years.

Gaming Sector Changed Completely in the Past 20 Years

Before we start with the changes that occurred after the showed up of social media, let’s see how iGaming changed in the past 20 years, when the so-called social platforms, were not that famous. For example, even 20 years ago, there were some sites like MySpace, where you were free to share whatever you want, but the internet was a space, which was not for everyone. For example, in most parts of the world, the internet was pretty expensive and it needs powerful computers.

With so many obstacles, casino players preferred to use land-based casinos and local gambling halls. However, technology improved, the internet becomes more accessible and casinos all over the world had to change. Besides, the physical sites were unable to give welcome or reload bonuses and this forced the whole industry to search for something else. Now, you can check the latest sites for casino playing, where you will find promotions for new players, thousands of games and even information on how to be a successful player.


The Revolutionizing Social Media Platforms

Unfortunately, not every social media site allows gambling traffic. This is understandable because there are many different group ages and it will be a bit not fair for gambling ads to be shown to teenagers or kids. On the other side, there are thousands of casinos and no one can restrict them from showing the content they want. There are various organisations, all over the world, working with Facebook (META), for example, trying to block gambling content, but this can’t be done at once. And still, even with all the blockades, Facebook has many private groups, pages and even Personalities, where you can see betting or casino ads. Though as we wrote, Facebook is blocking the gambling traffic and this is why players used alternatives:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Telegram
  • TikTok


Which is the Gambling-Friendly Social Media?

One of the latest and most highly used social media platforms is called TikTok. There are daily many videos, which will advertise gambling, including vloggers who create videos on different topics, including how to keep what you win from an online casino. But does this work and how it helps the iGaming sphere?

Actually, according to recent surveys, it is proved that 80% of people globally are possessing social media accounts. These is quite a lot and now imagine if you are a casino brand and you decide to sign a deal with an influencer who has 5 million followers. This is a very big audience, which will see your brand potentially, just after signing up the deal with the famous personality online.


Using Social Media for Promoting Only

Usually, casinos and betting   sites do not have any other advantage of using social media platforms. They are pretty straightforward websites and when a player visits them, he/she knows what should be done. But from the user’s perspective, you can find a bit different type of information on social media sites and apps.

For example, if the gaming brands want to be recognisable, players want to find information about how to win on a specific game, what games to place their bets or find betting tips, so they can win a massive amount of money. And here comes the big difference, social media can be used differently, depending on the player/company and the situation. There are hundreds of ways how you can use a social portal.


Conclusion – Is Social Media Healthy for the iGaming Sector?

Indeed, all social media platforms are healthy for the iGaming sector because the advertisement it comes from there is enormous. And there is one major advantage over the other sources like TV ads for promotion – it is free. Everyone has access to social media apps and portals. You are free to create an account and browse or follow whatever you want. Gambling sites know this and use the chance to use all platforms on their side, as long as it is allowed. But it is not healthy only for the brands, it is good for the players, who can find valuable information on how to win at the bookies or smash the casino slots.