October 8, 2022


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How To Maintain An American Bulldog

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Ever since its introduction in the 1980s, the American bulldog has become a favorite for many. You can note its robust features weighing about 60 to 120 pounds. There are four different types of animals: The Johnson, the Standard, the Old Southern, and the Painter. There is a hybrid one, which has the above features in it.

Identify the breed type you have for proper maintenance. The average price of a furry friend is $1500 to $3000. Correct routine care may increase your investment. Did you know that the pet industry reached a record $99 Billion in 2020?

The following article provides generalized information on how to maintain your American Bulldog. You also need to be aware of the health problems that this breed often suffer from to be a step ahead.

Preservation Tips

Through Exercise

You should set aside an exercise routine. For instance, you can dedicate about an hour on weekdays for training. Ensure that you keep an eye on it to prevent it from over-exercising. It may suffer from a heat stroke.

By keeping it mobile, you also sharpen its cognitive skills. Regular exercise will also boost its joints and make the heart muscles strong. For starters, implement a brief walk for at least five minutes off-leash.

As it goes on, it includes high-intensity activity such as attaching it to a weighted vest for maximum results. Failure to do that will make your pet get bored in your house.



Just like humans, the animal needs an over-round of nutrients in its body. The usual myth that the pet should only consume meat is highly outlawed. Include grains and even fruits such as apples. Raw meat will boost its skin condition by reducing irritation frequency. Other foods to include in its diet are

  • Raw Eggs
  • Dairy products such as milk and yogurt
  • And Vegetables like broccoli and spinach

The puppy should get fed at least four to five times a day. Once it becomes an adult, nourish it three times a day. You also ought to regulate calories intake for your puppy. It may get overweight, resulting in various illnesses such as knee and gait problems.


Regular Check-Ups

Examining it, again and again, will boost its lifespan. You will identify minor issues affecting it and help prevent ultimate conditions. The pet is prone to hip dysplasia due to its height. Hip dysplasia will limit its mobility and reduce its energy levels. You should take them to the vet after every six months. Note that older ones are more prone to diseases, so ensure you do not miss a check-up.



Secluding your animal will only bring mental conditions like anxiety. To boost its confidence, associate your pet with other family members. Allow it in the house often, and let it interact with other pets as well. The animal gets to feel loved, boosting its emotional health. It also improves its protective duties, especially to young ones.


Chew Toys

For young ones who are fond of chewing, get them a toy. The equipment not only boosts its teeth health but also improves its mental state. Specifically, they will relax much better compared to when idling in your house. You will also reduce silly instances like the pet chewing your shoes or even house curtains which may harm its oral state.

However, you should only provide the toys only when you can supervise the activity. If you are far, the canines might get choked. Opt for a non-toxic type to prevent any internal infections. See this link to read more about how you can make your dog happy https://www.holistapet.com/dog-breeds/american-bulldog-temperament-personality-guide.



Bathe it after every two to three months, unless it is dirty. Frequent cleaning will lead to skin irritation. The animal sheds a lot so brush it occasionally. It prevents excess fur from building up, which may also lead to health issues.

Use a shampoo, bucket, and towels for proper bathing. You should also include a slipmat to avoid any slippery accident. The water should have a moderate temperature (lukewarm). Be cautious not to put too much water in its ear. Before you take it back to its shelter, dry it using the towels. As for the teeth, brush them at least twice daily. You may also opt for dental hygiene bones that also clean the teeth.


Give Them Space

Create a secluded room for the canines whenever they need a ‘Me’ time. Failure to do that, your pet will always behave awkwardly, especially to unknown guests.

In its room, include a comfortable bed with warm blankets. Try not to lock the room for effortless movement. You also ought to inspect it occasionally to deduce any warning signs about the pet. The room builds respect between both parties -you and your American bulldog.

Look Out for the Following Signs

Change in Appetite

Install a meal plan for your pet to track its feeding habits. A sudden change in its consumption rate signifies that the animal is not well. If it has an increased appetite, there are high chances you need to deworm it. A decreased appetite may signify internal infections. It may also symbolize that the food is not tasty, so alter the diet before taking it to the vet.


Urination Patterns

Take it to the expert when you notice:

  • Blood in the Urine
  • Tension while the pet is urinating
  • And a sudden increase or decrease in Urine volume


Light-colored Gums

A pale gum may mean that your furry friend is suffering from anemia. Click here to get more insights.



Expect the animal to live up to 10-15 years when properly maintained-a healthy pet will be productive in your house. In retrospect, you will benefit more from a well-maintained furry friend, so get to work.