December 5, 2022


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How to Setup Linksys Router Without CD

How to Setup Linksys Router Without CD

How to Setup Linksys Router Without CD

If you have lost the setup CD or you have No CD drive, you can still Install your Linksys Wifi router by downloading the Linksys connect setup software from the Linksys Support Website. For doing this, first you need to connect your computer with a modem or any active internet network connection. 


Follow the below steps for Setup Linksys Router Without Setup CD

1)- Type in the address bar of the browser

2)- Enter user name and password

You will now lead to the Username and password dialogue box. The default username is “admin” and the default password is also “admin”. In case the default password is not working, you can reset the device to the factory default.

3)- You will be directed to the router setup page. This is the Web interface and it will succour you customize the router settings. Once you are done with your basic settings, You will have to modify your network settings.

Checking security settings for the network- Proceeding to the next step, how about we set up the security for the system. The individuals who want to join the network will need to enter a password.

4)- Once you have set the network’s password, you don’t need to alter it. It will provide convenience to people in your house, who know your network’s password and will now be able to access the network. It’s recommended to change it for security purposes.

5)- Open the Wireless tab and go to Wireless Security. It is highly recommended to utilize the strong WPA2 Personal encryption, because it works with the most devices, while giving the flawless security. Select only WPA2 Personal from the drop-down and assign your password. Save the settings. You now have a password shield network.

The final step is to secure your router’s settings. To configure the router password, just go to the Administration main tab. Here you can edit the Router Password and retype it. Save the settings and you are done.