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How to Start a Business Without Money

How to Start a Business Without Money

Starting a new business requires a certain amount of money or capital in it. It generally depends on what type of business plan you have and what is your business model.  But it is popular saying that the investment has nothing to do with the popularity and the duccess of any business. The prime example of this is Infosys, which has started with an investment of just 250 $ which is 15000 rs . the valuation of Infosys now is $8.64 biliion which is aroung 54,000 crores.

So it is not true that you have an investment to start a business, many businesses can be started with 0 investments.

So, there are three cateogries-

  • Minimal Services
  • Sell your Talent
  • Internet Business


Minimal Skill

So what a minimal service business is. Minimal or Simple service business is an business that aree simple to start with no investment, Yo do not need any experience for most of the services. Some of the examples are-

  • House Painter
  • Organizer
  • Junk removal
  • Party Planning
  • Capet Cleaning
  • Senior Companion


Selling your Talent

Having skills? Why not turn the skill into the business? There are many apps in which you can make your profiles , business profiles. People will start contact you if they need our business to work fror them.

For examples-

  • Personal Trainer
  • Content Writer
  • Tutoring
  • Bartending Services
  • Consulting
  • Chef for hire
  • Interior Designer
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Photographer

And many more skills for which you can start your own business.


Internet Business

Internet business is also an great idea to take your business online and then running your business. The internet business is so popular nowadayas, that the demand is incresing day by day.


Some of the examples are-

  • Social Media Service
  • Dropshipping
  • Blogger
  • Virtual Assistant
  • eBooks
  • SEO Specialist
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Website Designs
  • Customs T shirts and clothings
  • And much more.


Start any Business with no money. How to do it?

Businesses can be financed if you have got the correct investors and people who are willing to pay. In this situations friends and family are the sources of financing. Angels investors are also an great source. Other source of finance aere Crowdfunding, Online Lending, Loans, Bank Loans and much more.

Just remember to do not give up at any costs. No matter if your business is new or old. You have finances or not, a great idea does not need any investments. People will itseilf approach  you if your ideas is solving the problems of masses. Just focus on finding the solution of the masses. Solving that problems which a lot of people are fafcing day by day. Those problems which have high impact in their living or life. Do not start a business to earn money. Make your idea a problem solving, the investment and finance will come towards you.

There are many free tools that are available on the internet to make this possible. There are many websites which allows you to make your business website for free Make use of them for your business. Reinvest in your own business to fill out the loopholes of your business and make it stronger day by day. Don’t fear of failing, as failing is a part of life. Don’t let the lack of money or experience be your excuses for not starting your business.

I hope that you have learnt something new after reading this article. The article is shared by the author by gaining a lot of experience from over the 4 years. We hope that we have shared all the information that you wanted.