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How to Use Internet During Power Outage

How to Use Internet during Power Outage

Power outages sound not less than a disaster especially in the era where our life relies greatly on the internet to do almost everything. It is a common practice and no country in the world can prevent power outages because of various natural and other aspects. No matter how advanced technology a country has or how sufficient it is in producing electricity you can encounter this beast at any time.

But the question is how you would maintain your online connectivity during such a disastrous spell. Your top priority would be to get connected with the world, your family, friends, and colleagues. Even if you want to search for ways to overcome the consequences of a power outage you need internet service. It means your way of survival is to acquire a robust internet connection.

But how will you make it possible to keep your internet working during a power outage? How you can do office work, attend your online classes, watch your favorite TV show or sports event, connect with your friends and family, or get updates about what is happening around you? Amidst any calamity caused by either malfunctioning of the transformer, or extreme weather conditions. Well! The simple answer is, by keeping your internet connection functioning.

One simple way around the problem is to not be dependent on the internet at all points of time. Remember, that even if you have a power blackout, your devices have a few hours of charge always in them. This means that if you have downloaded content, then you can watch the same during the blackout on your devices through offline viewing. If you are looking for websites that can help you download entertainment content in a free and safe manner, please visit

It may sound no practical but it is possible! How? That’s the reason you have landed on this blog. The times of worry have over now because we have brought some tips for you that would help you to remain connected even during a devastating power outage in your area.

So, let’s explore the ways to overcome connectivity issues during a power outage!


How to Stay Online in a Blackout?

You must have witnessed a significant increase in extreme weather conditions, climatic changes, and many other malfunctions across the globe. These calamities lead to frequent power outages putting us into prolonged lack of connectivity and darkness. But even in such a critical situation what you need is to make sure that you won’t get disconnected from your internet connection.

But how do you make it possible? Well! Worry not because you can do it just by following three simple tips which we have discussed below in the blog. Let’s check out these two tips.


Uninterruptible Power Supply

You must have heard about UPS or an uninterrupted power supply. If not then let us give you a brief description of UPS and its functionality. It is supported by a backup battery and provides you power supply when you fully charge it. The device automatically starts supplying electricity power during the power outage. But this solution is good only when you have a blackout of 1-2 hours. Because it provides you power supply for not more than 2 hours.

If it is your case then UPS is the best solution for you to cope up with power outages in your area. UPS supports laptop charging and also keeps your internet devices working properly. However, we would like to suggest you keep saving your work and documents while working on your laptop using UPS. You never know when the battery of the UPS device will get drained. As once it drained out it can only get recharged when the electricity supply is back in your area.

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Get a Generator

If you need power backups that last more than 2 hours installing a generator at your home would be the best option. In most areas, the power outages are generally prolonged. In such areas, UPS devices are not favorable as they can only work for 2 hours, not more. Similarly, generators are best in terms of functionality.

You can get a continuous power supply for your office or home for a prolonged time to remain connected and to perform all the online activities till the power outage in your vicinity gets over.Plus, the electric power produced by your generator will keep your home or office appliances working for an extended period.

All you need to do is to keep the fuel level maintain in your generator so it can work efficiently even for 24 hours and more. However, how long your generator will provide you with electric power also rely on its capacity. So, if you are residing in an area facing frequent and prolonged power outrages go for high power generators only.

Additionally, try not to overload your generator as it will affect its overall performance, and don’t forget to give your generator system some periodic breaks after an hour or two.


Take Advantage of Your Wireless Phone Service

You can avail yourself of the opportunity of wireless phone service as the backup resource to keep your internet working during a power blackout. You can talk with your internet service provider about this option. Your ISP must have backup generators to keep its services on during any uncertain disastrous situation. Thereby its services last forever even when the entire city has been captured by electricity blackouts.

Several ISPs in the country including RCN Cable are offering wireless phone services. If you don’t want to put yourself in acquiring, installing, and maintaining USP or generators this option is all that you need to stay connected.


To Narrow It Down

Hopefully, these tips would be beneficial for you to keep your internet working during power outages in the country. So, give it a try and stop worrying about power outages.