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Which are the Key Features For Taxi Booking App Development?

Today, mobility apps or cab applications are quite popular and have been a part of the daily life of millions of people. Many people depend on these apps to travel from one place to another on a daily basis. The apps help in traveling to malls, airports, offices, restaurants, etc. These apps are convenient to travel from one place to another safely and at a reasonable price. Many companies are investing in taxi booking app development services to develop their own taxi booking app.

Taxi booking app development is the process of developing a taxi application. The process is not simple as 2 different types of apps need to be developed, one for the ease of taxi drivers and one for the ease of passengers.

More & More companies are investing in car-pooling apps to enjoy the trend. The companies can benefit a lot by developing a taxi booking app, as this service is in continuous demand.

Before developing the app, one should know about the features of a taxi booking app. The features which make an ordinary taxi booking a successful app. So, in this post, we will discuss 2 types of apps and the key features of a taxi app.


Passenger App

A passenger app is the main app that allows customers to book their rides. They can simply download the app from the app store and start using it to book their cab. The users, however, have to complete the initial sign-up process to start using it.


Driver App

A driver application allows the company’s taxi driver to accept or reject the ride request sent by the passengers in the app. Also, there is an admin panel in the app that allows the users to keep a track of the ongoing business. It allows you to get a detailed picture of your current company operations, such as active rides, cancelled rides, driver earnings, overall business earnings, and so on.

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5 Features for Taxi Booking App Development

1. Geolocation

The use of location technologies, such as GPS or IP addresses to identify and monitor the whereabouts of linked electronic devices is referred to as geolocation. It helps to track the current or live location. The Geolocation feature also allows the app to identify and set the pick-up location. When the user opens the app to book the taxi, the current location of the user gets detected automatically. This becomes possible only because of this geolocation feature.


2. Set Drop Location

The drop location feature allows people to choose a location where they want to leave the taxi after traveling. The drop location is clearly specified so that the driver gets a clear idea about the distance between pick up point and drop location. This feature is critical for the driver to determine whether or not the drop place is convenient for him.


3. Choose Vehicle Type

This is a crucial feature of an Increased Mobility taxi booking app giving more freedom to the users to choose the vehicle of their choice for traveling across. When the users book the ride, they get an option to choose the vehicle of their choice for riding to their desired location. Generally, when there are 1 or 2 people, then they will book a sedan or hatchback, and when there are a group of people, generally 5 or more, then they select an SUV or van.

This feature allows flexibility as the users can choose their desired vehicle for the ride. If you don’t have this feature, then they may switch to your competitor. Thus, this is a must-have feature for your taxi app. You can contact an android app development company to develop the app by including this featured app as well.


4. Confirm and Cancel the Ride

The confirm & cancel ride option is for the driver’s app. The nearest driver app will receive a notification whenever the client app makes a trip request. The nearest driver will then accept the customer’s transportation request, based on availability.

In case, if there is any problem and the driver cannot take that ride then he has the feature to cancel the ride and when the driver will cancel the ride, the user will get a notification of that. Also, you can integrate the feature of auto-assigning the nearest driver once the other driver cancels the rides. In this way, you will not lose that client.


5. Live Cab Tracking

In today’s era, the customer must have all the information regarding his or her service. So, with the live cab tracking, the customer can know where his cab has reached. Also, the customer can track the entire journey and users can also share the live status with their family or loved ones, so this also acts as a security feature for the customers.



In conclusion, we would say that the trend of taxi booking services is still going to rise more. If you are into this business or planning to get into this business, then an app is a must too with the features that we have mentioned. You can also hire an android app development company for the development of a taxi booking app.