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Know More About Chandrayaan Mission

Know More About Chandrayaan Mission

The Chandrayaan programme or Chndrayaan Mission which is also known as the Indian Lunar Exploration project. It is an outer space programme of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). This mission contain 4 things, an lunar orbiter, impactor, soft lander and a rover spacecraft.

As of now India has attemped 3 missions having 2 orbiters, landers and rovers. The 2 orbiters mission was successful but the 1st lander and the rover was unsuccessful which was the part of Chandrayaan 2. The chandrayaan 2 mission got failed as our ISRO has lost the communication with the chandrayaan just before few minutes of landing to the moon surface.

The main reason of failing of this mission was the software issue. But on 23 August 2023, the Chandrayaan 3 got landed on the surface of the moon. This has become a great achievement for India and the ISRO. The chandrayaan 3 has completed the journey of 40 days and has done a soft landing at the south pole of the moon. We have become the 4th country to land on moon after USSR, USA & China.

As we all know that the chairman of ISRO is S Somanath who is an aerospace engineer. Mr.. S Somanath sir has been in this position of the Chairman of ISRO since 2022. He has played an important role in the making of the Launch Vehicle Mark – 3 which is also known as the Bahubali rocket. This rocket has launched the Chandrayaan 3 into the orbit.


Chandrayaan Mission Overview

Chandrayaan Mission Overview

The Chandrayaan Mission is not new and as we are aware of the fact that ISRO is the organization which works for it. We will tell you about the Chandrayaan mission in points.

Let’s know about the mission of the Chandrayaan in points:

  1. The organization behind the mission of the Chandrayaan is ISRO. (Indian Space Research Organization). This organization has been playing a vital role from the starting.
  2. The purpose of Chandrayaan mission is to explore the moon. Getting every insights on the moon. This helps the science to grow and make more development.
  3. This programme is currently active and our lander is on the moon. Our Chandrayaan 3 mission has completed and is successful. It is very proud moment for all of us. This mission has helped us to make a benchmark to the top 4 countries of the world.
  4. The total cost of this mission is something around ₹1364 crore. If we talk about the cost in dollar then the amount is US $170 Million. This mission has been completed with very much less cost as compared to the other countries.
  5. This has been started on the year 2008 and is currently active.
  6. The 1st flight of Chandrayaan 1 has been taken on 22 October 2008. (around 14 years ago). That mission was completed successfully and we have found the water molecules on the surface of the moon.
  7. The launch site of the Chandrayaan mission (Chandrayaan 1, 2 & 3) is Satish Dhawan Space Center. It is located in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh.
  8. Vehicle used to carry the craft is the PSLV LVM 3.


History – Chandrayaan 1

Back on our 56th Independence day on 15 August 2003. Our then PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee has announced on his speech about the Chandrayaan project. As the 1st Chandrayaan 1 spacecraft was launched by the PSLV-XL rocket, was a big success for the ISRO. The Chandrayaan 1 ot only discoverd water on the moon but also discover the mappin and the atmospheric profiling of the moon.

Chandrayaan 2

Back on 18 September, 2008. PM Manmohan Singh has approved the mission of the Chandrayaan 2. ISRO has also made a big role in working on the project. The Chandrayaan 2 was launched on 22 July, 2019. The craft has been successfully entered on the lunar orbit but the connection to the lander lost just before the time of landing at the moon’s surface.

Chandrayaan 3

The announcment of the Chandrayaan 3 has been done by the ISRO on November 2019. The Chandrayaan 3 has been launched on 14th july 2023. The chandrayaan 3 has completed the journey of 40 days and has done a soft landing at the south pole of the moon. We have become the 4th country to land on moon after USSR, USA & China.



It was a proud momement for us when Chandrayaan 3 was landed on the surface of the moon. Our scientists has done a remarkable work and we wish them all the best for more future missions. Ii hope that you have found new information about the Chandrayaan mission. We have told you about the Chandrayaan 3 mission, the history of Chandrayaan 1, 2 & 3.

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